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  • NSKTime:2013-12-23 10:54:55

    NSK bearing's preload after the preload line graphs, rigidity and bearing preload spring compared to the rigid, usually very small, so the deflection of the spring line, roughly parallel to the horizontal axis and, therefore, pressure of monomer bearing preload and rigidity imposed in advance the amount of preload monomer bearing stiffness axial load of roughly the same. Position preload pressure preload rear single rigid NSK bearings and bearing of a comparison. According to the rigid comparison of preloading method, locate the preload and the constant pressure of preload is as follows. (1) preload equal conditions, target, preload for increasing bearing rigidity, locate the preload for NSK bearing load deflection is minimal. (2) locate the preload. In the operation, because the temperature difference between shaft and housing and axial elongation resulting from poor, inner ring outer ring radial thermal expansion caused by temperature difference difference, and load deformation caused by impacts to vary the amount of preload. In case of position preload, spring rarely due to the axis scale, and therefore, not to take into account changes in preload. And was informed that the General position preload applied to improve rigidity purposes, preload pressure for high speed rotation, the need to prevent axial vibration, horizontal-axis thrust bearings NSK bearings.

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