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  • skfTime:2013-12-12 11:13:31

    Good lubrication, helps to extend the life of SKF bearings, SKF bearing equipment lubrication management is an important branch of device management. Improve its operation efficiency and reduce the incidence of failure, conducive to the smooth progress of the production. Instead, cause disruption and downtime is greatly increased, will increase the easy failure rate of SKF bearings are produced, which can cause serious production task cannot be completed, causing considerable damage. Lubrication SKF bearings how to do better? One aspect that cannot be ignored is the staff level training and exercise. How to attach great importance to SKF bearing lubrication of all employees work? This requires operators of promotion management, first of all. Tell him that adding some oil, on the contrary, did not join any of the role and effectiveness of lubrication will be hurt. Only allows operators to understand the importance of lubrication systems, lubrication equipment will be attached to the work. For example, a belt and gear lubricants to reduce the joins between gear and wear, reducing wear and tear occurs in the heat, lower working temperature, not high maintenance of SKF bearings burned out and ensure proper operation. Gears do not add oil or fat can lead to burning SKF bearings, gear damage will, cause cannot be used in the band, led to full production. He also told the damaged equipment, equipment maintenance, and is a lot of work, equipment, accessories, marketing efforts and how much company complex is a huge loss. How to improve the skills of staff? This requires managers to make each employee aware: SKF bearings lubrication points lubrication requirements. If more than one device lubrication points, followed by. Exact location of the lubrication points, refueling method of lubrication points, fuel type, frequency of refueling and inspection methods, the lack of oil. For this work, leadership support, staff education and vocational skills training, as well as the proper operation of all employees, and employees will also need to provide the necessary tools, such as wrenches, oil drums, oil lighter fuel.

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    SKF bearing rings and rolling elements, high contact pressure on the side repeatedly, accompanied by sliding of rolling contact. Cage, with rings and rolling elements on both sides, or one side sliding contacts and subjected to tensile and compression forces. Therefore, the camshaft bearing rings and rolling elements and cage materials, performance, the main requirements are as follows. 1, bearing installation methods Oil-bath heating bearings, bearing this approach may be contaminated, leading to premature failure of bearings. Nowadays induction heating is most commonly used for heating the bearing means, this is because their control, efficiency and safety are high. Some manufacturer SKF bearings induction heater for bearing applications development standards have been identified. Camshaft bearing induction heater has many features, helping to prevent damaged bearings during the heating process. 2, bearing cooling installation General small and medium cold installed bearings are mostly used. Traditionally, the SKF bearing is installed by using a hammer and a section of old pipes. This practice can result in force after passing rolling elements, thereby damaging the roller. Camshaft bearing installation tool will be the force behind a press fit of the bearing ring, helping to prevent bearing damage. 3, bearings, hydraulic technology installed Bearings are SKF bearings are mounted with hydraulic technology pioneers, these technologies include the oil injection method and drives tight installation method. These methods help simplify bearing arrangement, to help correct and easy to install bearings. Camshaft bearing company has also developed a number of tools for bearing installation of hydraulic technology and equipment, make these hydraulic technology into practice.

  • skfTime:2013-12-12 11:09:41

    The first SKF cylindrical roller bearings belong to NJ series energy efficiency, mainly for the solution of axial load in one direction. Compared to the existing standard SKF bearing series NJ, new energy-efficiency-bearing axial loads at the same time reduced by at least 30% has a higher dynamic load levels. This latest ultra low friction bearings are widely used, first applied to the field of industrial and wind power transmission. SKF energy efficient spherical and cylindrical roller bearings are SKF energy efficient bearing the newest member of the family. The bearing will start production in the second quarter of 2009. While SKF centenary last year, launched the energy efficiency of single row deep groove ball bearings and tapered roller bearings will be energy efficient customer needs continue to expand production.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-11 11:22:37

    SKF deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings with the same point: the main radial load, can accommodate a few of the axial load. Differences: deep groove ball bearings using a higher speed limit, the axial load carrying capacity is relatively large, the radial load carrying capacity is relatively small and cylindrical roller bearings using the speed limit without SKF deep groove ball bearings for high, unable to bear the axial load, radial load carrying capacity but a relatively large. Selection basis: low-speed heavy-case optimization of cylindrical roller bearings, high speed optimization of SKF deep groove ball bearings under light load conditions.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-11 11:21:05

    Theory of SKF deep groove ball bearings are not subjected to axial force, but the actual application process will be slight axial force, because it has a certain spherical function, axial force is gone, will return to the original locationAxial size to have a relationship to the real working environment, axial ball bearing after the force of the contact angle, similar to the SKF angular contact ball bearings, the axial force and clearance of the bearing itself, covering RADIUS has a lot to do.In particular, clearance, clearance greater range of steel balls in place of axial movement, that is, greater axial clearance, can bear axial force is even greater, but clearance is not blind.Open the basic structure, commonly used Basic code, for example: 6,204Groove bearings, 'N' said after the model, for example: 6204NBearings with snap ring, finish with 'NR', said: 6208NRWith dust cover seal, after the code represented by z, one side for z, 2Z on both sides, for example: 6204-Z 6204-2ZNon-contact seal, ter the code name indicated by RZ, single-sided RZ, 2RZ, on both sides, for example: 6024-RZ 6204-2RZContact type sealing structure under the symbol RS z said after, both for 2RZS:6024-RS 6204-2RSHigh load for deep groove ball bearings, non-standard products can increase the number of steel balls, increasing load capacity, in the code followed by e, for example: 6210EDouble row deep groove ball bearings, often, 42XX series, for example:, 4,205

  • SKFTime:2013-12-10 11:26:51

    Single row angular contact ball bearings for radial loads of combined radial and axial loads can also be subjected to purely radial load, in addition to in-line configuration, the other two configurations can accommodate axial loads in either direction. Withstanding radial load, will cause additional axial force. Therefore normally taken into use, any combination of paired bearings, SKF bearings are installed in pairs according to the combination of different faces are divided into: configuration back-to-back, face-to-face, in-line configuration (also known as: O-configure the t-type, x-type, configuration, configuration) three types: 鈶?back-to-back, post code for DB (for example, 70000/DB), the load lines of bearings back-to-back to the bearing axis separately. Affordable work on axial loads in either direction, but by only one direction of the load on the SKF angular contact ball bearings are subjected to. Back-to-back installation bearings provide relatively high stiffness of the bearing arrangement, and can withstand the overturning moment. 鈶?face to face configuration, post code for DF (such as 70000/DF), the bearing load line bearing axis face-to-face meeting. Affordable work on axial loads in either direction, but by only one is subjected to loads in each direction. This configuration is better than back-to-back high rigidity, and is suitable for the accommodation of the overturning moment. Rigid and this configuration than to withstand the overturning moment DB configuration form, the bearing can withstand the bidirectional axial load; 鈶?tandem configuration, post code for DT (such as 70000/DT), in-line configuration, load lines parallel, radial and axial loads from the bearing evenly shared. However, SKF angular contact ball bearings only accommodate axial loads in one direction. If axial loads act in the opposite direction, or if the combined load, it is necessary to add a third bearing adjustment of bearing pairs arranged in tandem. This configuration is also available in the same bearing series three or more bearings, but can only take a single direction axial loads. Usually, in order to balance and limit the axial displacement of the shaft, another bearing install on demand can withstand the other direction axial load bearing. Ultimate high speed angular contact ball bearings, while withstanding radial load and axial load or pure axial load. The axial load capacity determined by the contact angle, and increases with the contact angle increases.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-10 11:25:00

    Cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings , deep groove ball bearings ( angular contact ball bearings ) , Spherical roller ( ball ) bearings 3 ) just performance required to meet rigid mechanical shaft bearing type [ bearing under load , scroll body contact portion of the raceway may be elastically deformed . "High stiffness" means a small amount of deformation of the elastic deformation that ] in the spindle parts and automobile final reduction device or the like , to improve the rigidity of the shaft , it is also necessary to increase the rigidity of the bearing SKF . This type of single SKF bearings can withstand axial load in one direction , while others need to be configured in order to offset the additional axial bearing force , made for the installation of its additional axial forces that cancel each other out , and can withstand two forces axial load up , and the ability to have a strong axial limit in both directions , using two sets of bearings installed in pairs generally broad in its outer end faces ( back to back ) or a relatively narrow end ( face to face ) two installation forms , where the rigidity of the bearing system mounted back to back best . For ease of installation in pairs or groups , and some pairs of bearing factory supply , and the other three groups of a group of four sets of bearings, SKF Bearings with batch processing such that the supply of consistency , assume the use of a more uniform load , Additional axial forces cancel each other more thoroughly .

  • SKFTime:2013-12-9 11:10:33

    1, SKF bearing design parameters: include the number of rolling elements of bearings, rings and clearance, wall thickness. 2, SKF bearing part manufacturing error: include SKF bearing raceways and rolling surface roughness and roundness deviation away from crossing the line. Number of studies have shown that ripple effect on vibration of bearing dominates, while less surface roughness and roundness. 3 working conditions, SKF bearings: bearings in operation process, loads, speeds, lubrication dimensions of SKF bearing vibration impact the most. 4, SKF bearing installation parameters: bearing with shaft and bearing of the fit, installation, preferences and other factors also have an effect on SKF bearing vibration.

  • skfTime:2013-12-9 11:04:16

    SKF bearing installation approaches vary depending on the bearing structure, fit, condition, as generally rotate, so the inner ring interference fit is required. Bearings with a cylindrical bore, press onto, or charging methods. Tapered bore, directly fixed on the tapered shaft or using an adapter sleeve installation. When you install the bearings, the use of a clearance fit, outer ring when there is interference, usually in a press onto or installed shrink as it cools. Using dry ice as a cooling agent, shrink installation where moisture in the air condenses in the SKF bearing surfaces. Rust prevention measures need to be taken. Above is the specialist for all summary of SKF bearing notes during the installation process, in the case may be.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-6 11:03:24

    SKF in bearing grinding, grinding wheel and workpiece contact zone, can consume a large amount of, produce a lot of grinding heat, causing local instantaneous temperature of the grinding area. Using the theory of linear motion-heat-source heat transfer formula, calculation, or infrared thermocouple and method of instantaneous temperature measured under experimental conditions, can be found at 0.1~0.001ms within the grinding zone of instantaneous temperature can be as high as 1000~1500鈩? Such instantaneous temperature, sufficient to enable the work surface depth layer of high temperature oxidation on the surface, non-crystalline, high-temperature tempering, quenching for the second time, crack even burn and many other changes. (1) the oxide layer on the surface Steel surfaces under transient high temperature and oxygen in the air, up into very thin (20~30nm) thin layers of iron oxides. Noteworthy is the thickness of the oxide layer and surface grinding deterioration of total layer thickness of test results is the correspondence. This means grinding process of the oxide layer thickness and is directly related to the grinding quality is an important symbol. (2) amorphous layer Transient high temperature of grinding zone when the workpiece surface to a molten state, molecular flow of molten metal is evenly coated on the work surface and base metal cools very quickly, forming a very thin layer of amorphous layer. It has high hardness and toughness, but it only has about 10nm, can easily be removed in precision grinding. (3) high-temperature tempering Instantaneous high temperatures can make the surface a certain depth of grinding zone (10~100nm) in the tempering temperature of the heating by heating to above the workpiece. In case of falls short of austenite temperature, heated up as the temperature increases, the surface layer-by-layer corresponds to the temperature or high temperature Tempering Tempering microstructure transformation and hardness in the fall. Heating temperature the higher the hardness is also more powerful. (4) two-layer of hardened layer When the grinding zone instant heat the workpiece surface layer temperature of austenite temperature (Ac1) and above, the layer of austenite of the Organization during the cooling process that followed, also returned quenched martensite organizations. Wherever the secondary hardening of workpiece burn, the secondary hardening layer must be very low hardness of high-temperature tempering. (5) the grinding crack Secondary hardening Burns workpiece surface layer of stress changes. Quench zone for the second time in a State of compression, high-temperature tempering materials below it there is a maximum tensile stress, here are the most likely to have cracked the core of local. Crack spread easily along the original austenite grain boundaries. Serious burns can cause the entire ground surface crack (crack) caused artifacts scrapped.

  • skfTime:2013-12-6 11:01:29

    Removing SKF bearing maintenance, first recorded appearance bearing confirming residual lubricant stock, after sampling check of lubricants, wash bearings. As a cleaning agent, ordinary gasoline, kerosene. Remove bearing cleaning, heavy wash and light intensive wash, respectively, in the container, put the metal mesh on the bottom, SKF bearings has no contact with the dirt container. Coarse cleaning, if you make the bearings rotate with dirt, can damage the SKF bearing rolling surface, should be noted. Coarse cleaning oil, use a brush to clean grease, adhesive material, generally after clean, fine wash. Intensive wash, is the SKF bearing the cleaning oil side rotation while carefully cleaned. In addition, the clean oil to keep clean.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-5 10:00:43

    SKF bearings are widely used in mechanical support. Its function is to ensure that bearings have sufficient life conditions, to support shaft and shaft parts, and relative rotation, oscillating movement motor, rotate under friction between reducing as much as possible, to obtain higher transmission efficiency. Commonly used for SKF bearings has developed national standards, it was designed by rolling friction principle, by professional factory mass production of standard components. Only selected according to work conditions in mechanical design appropriate SKF bearing type and model for composite structures design. Compared with plain bearings, SKF bearings have the following advantages: (1) application is designed to be simple, the product has been standardized and carried out by professional manufacturers in large quantities, with excellent interchangeability and commonality. (2) starting friction moment of low power loss is small, SKF bearing efficiency (0.98-0.99) higher than in mixed lubrication bearings. (3) adaptation of load, speed and operating temperature range, few changes in working conditions has little effect on bearing performance. (4) most types of bearings to withstand radial and axial loads, axial dimension is smaller. (5) easy lubrication, maintenance and repair. SKF bearings also has the following disadvantages: (1) most larger radial dimensions of SKF bearings. (2) when working under high speed and heavy load, short life. (3) the larger vibration and noise.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-5 9:57:45

    (1) force working together as much as possible through the axis of the SKF bearing, this required point of application symmetrically and evenly smooth by spherical or parallel to the axis of the force. (2) the size of the force should be smooth and uniform, not shocks, this requires the use of oil or use a tool for smooth tension or compression, when you really have to use hammer, but also do not fall through the copper sleeve soft scrap metal, buffers, tapping as gentle as possible. Best to use copper or copper hammer hammering. (3) avoid the rolling force, this required assembling and dismantling the inner ring (shaft washer) through inner force, when assembling and dismantling the outer ring) by applying pressure in the outer ring. (4) drag force due to continued to level such as installing SKF bearing SKF bearing was installed to the correct position when stopping force, promise ring (washer) face arrives on abutment surface of the bore or shaft, unable to squeeze it too tight and unable to fit into place.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-5 9:56:10

    SKF bearing Rust prevention work is a very important piece of work, especially the process of rust like SKF bearings in the heat treatment shop after pickling, cleaning, grinding, there are a number of processes. When the product is not used when the current production, a time order processing will be stored in the library in the Middle, so operations of SKF bearing rings must be stored for Rust prevention. Antirust processes generally use methods in the following ways: 1. in a submerged in rust-proof tank The SKF bearing trap immersed in aqueous solutions of sodium carbonate 5% sodium nitrite and, antirust effect is good, but many rust-proof tanks and other equipment, take up a lot of space and management is not very convenient. 2. the dipping concentrated sodium nitrite solution After cleaning the product, it contains 15%-20% sodium nitrite and 0.6% of immersion in sodium carbonate solution, then stacked it up. This period of validity shorter, normally only 7-14 days can be maintained, but in the rainy season, due to wet weather, only 2-3 days Must be reprocessed, it takes labor and money. 3. apply oil Coated with antirust oil like a finished product. This method must be implemented before the next process carries on the clean, too much trouble.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-4 9:58:10

    Bottled and canned lubricating oil in the context of possible stored in warehouses, how to identify SKF bearing damage cause against climate change, has opened with packaging of lubricating oil must be stored in the warehouse. Oil drums to lie, both ends of the barrel must be wedged tightly to prevent rolling. When the barrel should be the drum tilted slightly to avoid rainwater gathered from the barrel and cover up the copper plug. Water for any lubricant is adversely affected. In addition should always check tanks there is no sign of leaks and check on the barrel is clear. Take oil, oil barrel lying should be placed on the wooden frame of a proper height, Gaikou mix with mixer oil in barrels and in the delegation of a leading container to prevent spatter, or barrel Repeater, manual hand pump from the drum insert Gaikou pipeline to take oil. Bulk oil storage tank is not condensed moisture and pollutants into, the results gathered in the tank bottom forms a mud-like substance. Contamination of lubricating oil, the jar is designed to pit at the end of the butterfly, or italic. And fitted with drain cock to waste on time discharge. Free end of SKF bearings are selectively placed in locations that may offset the bias to the extent possible, internal periodical cleaning tank.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-4 9:56:50

    Clearance of the SKF bearings are in working order, working temperature rise in maximum, thermal expansion of the largest, the reduction of clearance of self-aligning ball bearings at the same time, due to the load, rolling element and the Raceway contact elastic deformation, the self-aligning ball bearing clearance increases. SKF bearing clearance is smaller than an installation clearance depends on the combined effects of these two factors. Full installation, or the inner ring increases, or the outer ring narrow, or a combination of both, are installation clearances smaller than the original clearance. Appropriate mounting clearance helps SKF bearings are working properly. Clearance is too small, self-aligning ball bearing temperatures, does not work, rolling die clearance is too large, vibration, self-aligning ball bearing noise. A tight fit, and large, needs to lower the friction torque and temperature difference between inner and outer rings SKF bearings subjected to high axial load or the need to improve the performance of spherical, should adopt clearance groups. When a high running accuracy requirements or to strictly limit the axial displacement, use small internal clearance groups.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-3 9:50:04

    Manufacturers for SKF bearings after installation should start to check for proper installation, and then check on the operation of the machine as well. Small machinery directly can hand to slowly rotate to confirm that it works smoothly. Need to check the main bearing surfaces free of debris, scar, dirt and cause a the machine does not operate smoothly, either because there is no installed, barchester in the process when there is no balance resulting from instability. If you do not find anything out of place, the machine up and running you can start slowly, starting with the low-speed running, slowly raise has been run on the specified range. Just started running different voice is listen to see if you have the change did, bearing temperatures, lubricant there is no discoloration and other related issues. If you find anything different, the operator should stop immediately, check the machine, if particularly serious split when removing the bearings for careful examination. Bearing ring and the housing bore also have a certain gap between connections, when running on a machine bearing when moving occurs, this time gap will automatically adjust to avoid having more collisions and friction with SKF bearings, allowing bearing to more normal functioning. When installing the SKF bearing, staff need to be fixed the stopwatch in the box face, resting one end of the table on bearing raceways on the other side, while slowly moving while close observation, watch the needle move fast, if the pointer swings were found badly description shaft and no vertical axis lines in the middle of it. If the machine box hole deep, honed with long header. To the middle of the shaft and the shaft connection provides a good way to discipline. If you put it upside down during mounting, not only affect the normal operation of the bearing, and it could get a lot of wear on the surface. Mainly because the shaft and washer on the appearance of the shape is not particularly obvious distinction between good, staff should be particularly hard to do when installing, do not put them against, to ensure the personal safety of staff. Manufacturer of storage-encountered a lot of problems in the SKF bearing, there are many factors that affect it, which also exert a certain influence on it, and let experts talked to us about: 1, and production manufacturers in production finished bearing products Hou, should put it put in dry of place, not put in wet of place, so as not to bearing long-term in wet of environment in, produces rust of phenomenon, as using who in using of when not only will effects machine of normal run, also will effects production out products of quality problem, manufacturers also can selection some with rust of surface oil, prevent in temperature high of environment in, smudge in bearing Shang of surface oil also will began metamorphic, accelerated it of aging speed, Used to store bearing factory temperature to undergo professional tests, environment is also better air circulation to keep. Can also be installed in the plant some heat or air-conditioning to control temperature, thereby improving the lifespan of bearing lubricants. 2, piling up in too much dust on the surface of the bearing are also affected. Therefore, storing place to select clean, dust scattered less. But also to avoid containing some impurities in the air, especially with acid gas, the gas was easy to make up some chemical reactions on the surface of the bearing, if dust particles too big easy bearing friction degree. So staff must regularly check the bearing surface clean and good rust prevention rust, a stitch in time saves nine, and avoid the occurrence of the damage.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-3 9:45:48

    When SKF bearings have exceeded force that it can afford to, it starts at the stage of very tired, and someday it will go bad. Bearing that runs so we know we can stand much of power. The following several points: 1, our machines when selecting bearings, first weigh, that machine the bearing is much needed, long, wide how many there are. And then write it down, go and machines required for bearings. 2 choose the bearing you want to know how much force it can withstand, and we have to be reasonable give it heavy stuff, can't let it suffer anything more than it. 3, do not let the bearing has been in a State of fatigue, after running for some time, and we just let the machine rest, bearing a break if a long-running, bearings will generate heat, burned in the end. 4, set a good time to add some oil to bearings so that it and the machine does not produce any grinding. 5, often cleaning up ash, when something falling on the SKF bearings produced will affect the quality of their products. Press machine at install time and electric axes is not correct, the difference a little big, resulting in two axes a little skewed. SKF bearings inside are some impurities or oil of too much and too dirty. Excessive wear of the Bush there not the same phenomenon. Link between the bearings and neck where there is no paste or is exposed to is very small, per unit area of the compressor is too large, in such situations, usually occurs after trying to run on the new machines bought or changed after the new Bush. Bearing in some places a bit inclined in one direction or the switch is a little bent and twisted, the crankshaft. Bush did not do well in quality, used oil quality standards did not meet the viscosity grade, or a plugged oil and oil road. Gas tank container where the oil pressure is too low, the oil supply in a time period when there is oil in the Middle, thus causing Bush of a lack of oil supply, grinding each other up. SKF bearing removal method: 1 machine oil, cleaning and replaced it with a new, tidy up the machine between oil pressure air.銆銆 2 scrape off Bush, using dye methods, allowing it to touch the place to meet the requirements of changing specific pressure on the area. 3, used to meet the requirements of bearings replace bearings check oil pipes and tanks, to use good oil, adjust the tank pressure reaches a certain requirements. 4, reasonable to adjust the gap between them, check the song have driven shaft bent, curved axis of the if you have to get a new or cleaned up.

  • skfTime:2013-12-2 9:22:56

    銆Recently, SKF seals factory of Qingdao officially announced the introduction of Austria large sealing machining centre SKFSEALJET-NG120 put into operation. The device is the size of the world's first high-precision turning equipment, its affiliation to SKF sealing factory has injected new vitality in Qingdao. 銆銆SKFSEALJET-NG120 belongs to the vertical seal turning equipment, advanced turning control system, use performance of SKF seal materials, processing size range in the 600mm~1200mm standard and custom seal products, and can provide excellent sealing solutions for the customer. The introduction of the equipment will reduce the cost of order size seal products from abroad, delivery performance, improving the machining accuracy and quality. 銆銆SKF regional President for sales and services in China, Fu Jinyan, "said SKF seal business unit has been committed to providing our customers with customized, high quality sealing products. We introduced the world's first large-size seals turning Center, designed to provide more efficient and better quality services to customers. 鈥? 銆銆SKF seal business unit Director Yu Haitao said: "not only did we offers a turn seals, also provides a standard molded seals and Rotary oil seal, seal turning the NG120 production center in Qingdao, I believe it will create greater value for customers.

  • SKFTime:2013-12-2 9:16:48

    Dalian factory of SKF Awards SKF (SKF) has recently announced its medium bearing factory in Dalian, China won the attention of LEED (green energy and environmental design) Gold certification. Dalian plant is SKF's first access to LEED Gold-Certified factories in China and received LEED Gold certification on a global scale the fourth plant. Dalian factory was this award of main reasons is: compared to United States building standard, Dalian factory of energy efficiency increase has about 21%; can renewable energy of using--solar was for hot of heating; carbon dioxide sensor--ensure fresh air ratio, reduced energy; high reflects roof reduced has heat island effect; compared to general building standard, its consumption water reduced 40%; planting local plant of big area open space both provides good of environment, promoting biological diversity, while helps reduced irrigation water volume. SKF President and CEO Tom 鈥?DD-Johnston (Tom Johnstone), said: "for many years, SKF is committed to exploring better ways to reduce the environmental impacts of industrial production. Many years ago, we have provided all new factories should be built according to LEED standards. In addition, we have also published an ambitious new climate goals last year. I am glad that our Dalian plant to receive Gold-level certification, which will ensure that we minimize the impact on the local environment, and help us to achieve the global objectives. 鈥? SKF acquisition United States wind turbine bearings manufacturer Kaydon Switzerland SKF Group succeeded in acquiring United States wind turbine bearings manufacturer Kaydon Corporation, the company is located in United States, Michigan, provide bearings for wind power industry enterprises. The acquisition transactions of us $ 1.25 billion, per-share price of US $ 35.5. SKF Group Chairman and CEO tangmu鈥uehansidun, said: "I am delighted to see that Kaydon Corporation and its employees will join the SKF Group, Kaydon joined SKF can strengthen the complementary products, improving customer service, increasing SKF's global business development" United States Kaydon is an industrial products manufacturer, has its business income on a global scale. Among them, 62% 's sales come from North America, 24% sales come from Europe, 12% sales revenue from the Asia-Pacific region, and 2% came from other parts of the world.

  • skfTime:2013-7-27 9:20:12

    In high-speed grinder, the grinding noise and bearing noise is the main ingredient should be used in low-noise rolling bearings. To ensure the quality of the machining, the main SKF bearing system must have sufficient rigidity, otherwise it will have a greater re-mapping error even flutter. Vibration resistance refers to the forced vibration and self-excited vibration capability. The general machine tools, the spindle assembly to maintain its life mainly refers to the period of use precision spindle, therefore, required to maintain the accuracy of SKF bearings lifetime performance to meet the requirements of the spindle assembly machine tool spindle bearings SKF bearing temperature rise is to limit the speed of the important factors. Under normal circumstances, the right choice bearing type, tolerance levels, configuration, clearance (preload) size, lubricants and lubrication, etc., to a certain extent, improve the speed performance of rolling bearings.

  • skfTime:2013-7-27 9:15:15

    SKF bearings continuously improve the technical level, energy efficiency and low friction bearings just recently developed a new product, grease selection, as well as for the operation of SKF bearings bearing life has a great impact, grease a wide range of performance between difference is large, the rotation limit requirements are also different. In seeking Ze grease, be sure to pay attention to instructions for use grease and conditions of use. In the SKF bearing lubrication, smear grease better? This is a wrong concept, low viscosity grease on the basis of generally applicable to low-temperature, high-speed. High viscosity suitable for high temperature, high load. In addition to low viscosity, be bearing performance, the thickener will also influence the performance of lubrication. Cleanliness of the bearing effect, reminding us, totally enclosed bearings do not need cleaning refueling, install the bearing, you must ensure that the installation surface and the installation environment clean.

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