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  • timkenTime:2013-12-23 10:49:36

    Preload method: position preload is to reset the TIMKEN bearing axis of relative location in use does not alter the preload method. Here are examples: (1) in order to implement prior adjustment of preload or combination of axial clearance of the bearing width difference after fastening method. (2) using the adjusted size of gasket, wedge, in order to give bearing preload method. (3) fastening can adjust the axial clearance in the direction of screw and nuts for later use. On this occasion, in order to get the proper amount of preload, TIMKEN bearing to side starting friction torque adjustment determination. The so-called pressure preload is the use of coil springs, disc springs, given proper preparation bearing load method. In use, the relative position of the bearing even if there are changes, preload method. In use, could get out of the relative position even if there are changes, preload can be broadly maintained.

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