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    A. speed: speed as high as possible and easy to form oil wedge, use a low viscosity of lubricant to ensure the film exists. Selection of viscosity is too high, the impedance of the large, amount of heat and can cause overheating. Low speed operation, load bearing oil viscosity should use oil with higher viscosity. B. load bearing: generally greater load selection of lubricating oil of higher viscosity. Low-speed heavy oils should be considered allowable load capacity. C. working temperature: when the temperature changes, you should use oils with high viscosity index, high temperature conditions should use high viscosity and flash point, oily and antioxidant stability and corresponding additives for petroleum products. Conditions should use a low viscosity at low temperature low moisture, low temperature resistant oil with low freezing point. D. working environment: humid environment and breathing mist environment should use strong anti-emulsification, good oil and Rust prevention oil, should pay attention to the larger environment of dust dust seal. Corrosive gas environment corrosion resistance good oils should be selected.

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    Creak of the bearing and its controlling method creak is a rolling mill bearings are always the harsh metal sound that may occur, mostly in the larger models of grease lubrication bearings and deterioration of the base oil in lubricating greases are more likely when, almost does not take place in oil lubrication. In addition, during the winter are more prone to happen, when under purely radial load, radial clearance in the big easy, and model size different, at a given speed range prone, both continuous and intermittent. International Raceway taking special processing methods can prevent the emergence of creak, when necessary, the choice of this bearing, or an appropriate reduction of radial clearance of bearings, matched with excellent performance and advancement of rolling mill bearing lubricating greases mechanical rigidity. INA bearing Raceway Raceway and its control method is when the bearing operation, its rolling body Raceway surface rolling on a slippery continuous voice and, are all mill bearing characteristic of basic sound. General bearing Raceway acoustic coupled with other sounds. Ball bearing roller is irregular, at frequencies above 1000Hz, its frequency rate does not change with speed, but its overall sound pressure level increases with speed accelerated.

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