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TIMKEN bearing damage noise solution

Date锛2013-6-24 16:42:01

     TIMKEN bearings are precision parts, which requires the use of a fairly cautious attitude that change is the use of high-thrust ball bearings, if used improperly, they can not achieve the expected performance results, and easy to bearing damage. Therefore, the use of the bearings should note the following:

     Even smile invisible dust into the bearing, will increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise.

     Does not allow a strong punch, does not allow a direct hit with a hammer bearing, does not allow      pass through the rolling pressure. Want to install, and then open TIMKEN bearings packaging. General grease lubrication, without cleaning bearings, direct filling grease. Oil lubrication, generally not cleaned, but the equipment used or high-speed bearings, etc., to use clean oil cleaning, removing rust coating agent on the bearing. Removes rust bearings, rust, it can not be left unattended.

     TIMKEN bearings in operation for some time, we will send some noise, this is normal, but if it is a continuous sound is very noisy, it shows bearing noise problem has emerged, bearing why there is noise it?

     Inner and outer rings, rolling elements are stripped of any one; raceway, rolling rust and has scars; raceway, ribs, rolling significantly cards injury; rolling surface, rolling on a significant indentation and playing marks; inner and outer rings, rolling elements, any of a confrontation between the two frame cracks and presents fragments; overheating discoloration; grease seals and dust sealed bearings badly damaged; cage badly worn or loose rivets ; inner diameter surface or outer diameter and so on creep.


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