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timken bearing assembly and disassembly process of using the correct methods

Date锛2013-6-24 16:42:32

     timken bearings are precision machinery equipment parts, bearings for mechanical services, preventive maintenance tools, condition monitoring and maintenance of a range of decision support system to achieve optimal plant asset efficiency and maintenance work. So timken bearing For some industries, has played a crucial role. When the deep groove ball bearings in the following cases, please do not continue to use, it should be immediately replaced with new bearings. Not necessary to avoid an accident:   (1) timken bearing inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, cage there any cracks or gaps; (2) deep groove ball bearing inner diameter surface or outer diameter surface has obvious creep; (3) bearing raceway, ribs, rolling on the card significantly hurt; (4) due to heat discoloration caused significant; (5) bearing raceway, rolling on the rust, injury; (6) the bearing raceway, rolling on and playing serious indentation marks; (7) the bearing rings, rolling on any one of the fracture; (8) bearing cage significant wear, or the rivet significant relaxation.

     First, the force point symmetrical and smooth, spherical or parallel to the axis through force, as far as possible through the urging force timken bearing axis.

     Second, the use of hydraulic or use smooth tension or pressure can be applied to a tool, the size of force should be smooth, even, there should not be shock, if necessary, can be used when hammering, hammering when using copper sleeve through other soft without scrap metal to cushion falls, gently striking force as possible. Best to use brass or copper hammer for hammering.

     Third, dismantle the inner (shaft washer) through the inner force, disassembly outer ring) through the outer force, to avoid through the rolling force.

     Fourth, when installed in the bearing timken bearing mounted to the correct position just stop force, ensuring rings (washers) abuts against the end face of the housing bore or shaft shoulder block face, can not be packed too tight, it can not be installed in place , drag force to continue until they should be.


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