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How TIMKEN bearing force operation inspection

Date锛2013-6-24 16:46:04

     TIMKEN bearings after installation, in order to check for proper installation, operation should be checked. Small machines can be rotated by hand to verify rotate smoothly. Check the project due to nick, indentation caused by dysfunctional, because poor installation, mount the torque generated by poor processing unstable, because clearance is too small, the installation error, seal friction torque caused by too large and so on. Without exception, you can begin powering.

     (1) as far as possible through the force of the force-aligning ball bearing axis, which requires a springboard symmetrical and smooth, parallel to the axis of the sphere, or through force.

     (2) the size of the force should be smooth, even, there should not be shock, which requires the use of hydraulic or smooth tension or pressure can be applied to a tool, it had to use hammering, but also through other more soft and copper sleeve scrap metal does not fall to the buffer, the striking force as playful. Best to use brass or copper hammer for hammering.

     (3) Avoid rolling force, which requires disassembly inner ring (shaft washer) through the inner force, detachable outer ring) through the outer force.

     (4) drag force due to continue until the extent of, for example, when you install bearings TIMKEN bearings just fitted in the correct position to stop the force, ensuring rings (washers) abuts against the end face of the housing bore or shaft shoulder block face , we can not packed too tight, they can not be installed in place.

     Large machinery can not be manually rotated so cut off the power immediately after starting load, machine idle to check for vibration, noise, etc. in contact with the rotating member is to confirm no abnormality, into the power running.

     Power operation, no-load speed began to slowly improve the conditions stipulated in rated operation. Commissioning checks matters as whether there is abnormal sound, TIMKEN bearing temperature, lubricant leakage or discoloration, etc. If abnormal, should immediately suspend operation, inspection machinery, if necessary, to remove the bearing inspection.

     TIMKEN bearing temperature, generally bearing the external temperature based on speculation. But the use of direct measurement of the bearing outer ring hole temperature is more accurate. Bearing temperature gradually increased from the start of operation, typically 1 to 2 hours after the temperature to stabilize. If the bearing bad installation, the temperature will soar, abnormal high temperature. The reason such as too much lubricant, bearing clearance is too small, poor installation, seal friction and too big. High-speed rotation of the occasion, self-aligning ball bearing structure, the choice of lubrication is the cause of the error.

     TIMKEN bearings rotating sounds with a stethoscope and other tests, there is a strong metal noise, abnormal sound, irregular sound, etc. Exceptions. The reasons are poor lubrication, shaft or bearing bad precision, self-aligning ball bearing damage, foreign invasion and so on.


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