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Cleanliness of the bearing on important relation between heat

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In popular position, bearing grease filling, always demand beyond the practice of directly involved with lubrication, and rolling mill bearing cover on the full cavity, which constitutes a profile outside the rolling. In this process, because of excess grease resistance, bearing temperature rise quickly. Although most of the excess grease in the early running was forced out, and squeezing roller attachment grease change may still be migrated between rolling into the Raceway.
  These early stages in rolling mill bearings running, most of the grease quickly (in less than a minute) out of the Raceway, migrate and accumulate in the grease in the bearings into reincarnation, being small amounts are excreted. When the bearing temperature continues to rise until all excess grease is expelled so far, is the grease stage, based on quality grease, fill in a rolling mill bearing structure elements, this period of time can last a dozen minutes, as well as a few hours.
  A, influence on bearing life:
  Cleanliness of bearing considerable influence on bearing life, bearing the company has conducted a special test, turned out to be the difference for several or even dozens of times more than double. Cleanliness of bearing higher, longer life expectancy, who tests show that cleanliness of different lubricants for ball bearing life is affected. So, improving the cleanliness of oil could extend the life of rolling bearings, in addition, if the oil contains dirt particles control under 10um, bearing life into several times.
  B, the impact on noise and vibration:
  Effect on vibration: bearing test results showed that cleanliness seriously affect the level of vibration of rolling mill bearing, especially high-frequency vibrations are more significant. Cleanliness of high velocity bearing vibration values low, especially in the high frequency band.
  C, the effect on the lubricating properties of:
  Bearing cleanliness declined, not only affect the lubricant film formation, may also result in deterioration of grease and accelerate their aging, impeding the grease lubrication performance.


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