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Guidelines for failure modes and calculation of rolling bearings

Date锛2013-9-23 9:54:44

1. Contact fatigue damage
Bearing loads, after long-term cyclical changes of contact stress, inner and outer ring raceways in bearings or rolling on the surface pitting on the surface. After pitting corrosion occurs, causing noise and vibration, resulting in loss of rotational accuracy and temperature rise, thus affecting the normal work, bearing the loss of ability to work.
High speed, long-term operation bearing calculation: to prevent pitting and contact-carrying capacity calculation of fatigue life calculation.
2. plastic deformation
When speed is low or clearance during swinging, because of the low number of stress cycles, so not easy to cause fatigue. In a large stable load or shock loading, exceed the yield limit stress and plastic deformation, resulting in incapacity of the bearing.
Computing guidelines: preventing plastic deformation, validity of the static strength of nuclear.
Under special circumstances, high-speed bearings due to centrifugal force cage to destroy; in the dust, and abrasive environment, seal bad, failure due to abrasive wear; make improper Assembly stuck, bursting to the inner ring of the bearing and the breaking of the inner and outer rings, but these failure modes are generally can and should be avoided. Cannot be established by these failure modes to bearing calculation and formulas.



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