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Deep groove ball bearing mounted operating rules adjustment method

Date锛2013-9-24 9:40:04

Deep groove ball bearings in the course of its use showed a strong regularity and repeatability is very good. Normal quality angular contact ball bearings used in the beginning, vibration and noise are relatively small, but some scattered spectrum and amplitude are small, probably due to some flaws in the manufacturing process, such as surface burr due.
Exercise period of time, to maintain a certain level of vibration and noise, the spectrum is very simple, there is only one or two multiplier. Rarely occurs more than three times the frequency spectrum, deep groove ball bearing condition is very stable, into a stable working period.
Continue to run late into the use of bearing vibration and noise begins to increase, sometimes different sound, but the change in vibration increases more slowly this time, angular contact ball bearings kurtosis value starts suddenly reaches a certain value. We believe that the performance of the initial point bearing failure.
At this time, it requires close monitoring of the bearing, pay close attention to the changes. Since then, bearing kurtosis values began to decline rapidly, and close to normal, while the vibration and noise begins significantly increased, its growth began to accelerate significantly, when the vibration exceeds vibration standards (such as ISO2372 standard), and its bearing kurtosis value starts rapid increases, when both exceed vibration standards, and kurtosis values than normal (available kurtosis relative standard), we believe that deep groove ball bearings have entered late failures generate the need for timely maintenance equipment, replacement bearings.
Bearing fault characteristic late to exhibit serious failure (generally axle bearing damage such as burns, sand shelf spallation, raceway, beads and wear) is not more than one week big time, equipment, greater capacity, faster speed, and its The shorter the interval. Therefore, the actual bearing fault diagnosis, once found fault with advanced features, should decisively determine the bearing is faulty, repair as soon as possible.


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