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Rolling method of inspection and acceptance

Date锛2013-10-8 9:44:20

Check the bearing, the user must have the following knowledge :
( 1 ) Rolling commodities inspection and under which criteria ;
( 2 ) Rolling commodities inspection which projects , why should test these items ;
( 3 ) Rolling commodity quality inspection before making , what needs to be done to prepare the work , why should these preparations ;
( 4 ) the various test items bearing merchandise under what conditions, with what methods , what equipment to be tested , the test results must be within the tolerances in how to be qualified ;
( 5 ) bearing large quantities of goods and sometimes , not one hundred percent inspection, then it should be what kind of sampling plan , what quantity taken for examination in order to more fully with sufficient reliability to represent all the goods bearing the quality and inspection the result has to be measured according to what criteria to determine whether these products are qualified batch should be accepted or rejected should be unqualified approval.
Acceptance inspection of rolling bearings can generally be divided into three categories , namely:
Routine check - Rolling arrives routine general inspection.
Routine examination - of rolling bearing assembly associated with dimensional accuracy , precision rotation , bearing clearance and the bearing of the residual magnetic intensity of such items to be checked.
Special inspection - the quality of rolling bearing vibration , noise, quality and other specific requirements of the bearing to be checked.


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