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Rolling bearing life test

Date锛2013-10-11 9:18:15

Life test of rolling bearings mainly in the Netherlands of rolling bearings engineering and Research Centre. Test facilities in the Centre, in present-day extent and number of test bench, is unique in the bearing industry. Centers also support research work on the main industrial rolling bearings.
Life test of rolling bearing's main purpose is to continuously improve the quality and performance of the product. Key is the endogenous and exogenous variables that affect the bearing performance, you must have a thorough understanding and with the basic laws of physics, clarify the relationship between these variables and bearing performance. These variables may consist of material properties, internal bearing geometry and uniformity, the cage design, alignment errors, temperatures and other conditions of work. But many factors are not static, but dynamic. Such as working condition of the contact surface, structure, internal geometry of the material properties of lubricants, bearing the availability is constantly changing.
Life test of rolling bearings, there are other reasons:
1, to ensure that the product can meet the catalog's performance commitments
2, review of rolling bearings are standard quality
3, study the effect of lubricants and lubrication on bearing life
4, support the development of rolling contact fatigue theories
5, compared with competitors ' products
Effective and strict control of life test program, coupled with the use of modern and more advanced equipment to study the test bearing can be more systematically study the interrelationship between the various factors.
Through the analysis of mathematical models and simulations, and experiments to verify the results. On the part and the whole bearing level, optimizing factors with influence on bearing life. Rolling seeker bearing is one example of a successful implementation.



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