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skf bearing radial positioning of cold extrusion process variation factors

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Cold extrusion is the plastic deformation of the metallic material to obtain the desired shape, size and mechanical properties of parts a forming process , so the volume of rough volume equal parts . Blank diameter is critical to determine the size , which determines the degree of deformation being crowded parts , reasonable diameter extruded twice to ensure the balance of the degree of deformation to reduce the extrusion deformation resistance , avoid skf bearing parts have squeezed defects , to extend the life of mold . According to the experience of squeezing skf bearing steel complex at the beginning of the part being squeezed reduction of area is best controlled at 50% or less.
A, cold extrusion process skf bearing parts according to the shape and dimensional accuracy , high quality billet preparation using a lathe cutting method , the blank after annealing to soften , tumbling , pickling , and then by phosphating, saponification process , the final squeeze.
B, in cold extrusion die on the strength of theory and design calculations, generally regarded as subject to uniform pressure die thick-walled cylinder . For skf bearing to withstand the internal pressure of the thick-walled cylinder in its place appeared a large diameter tangential stress is caused by mold cracking and damage to the main reason , thus making strength calculation and verification should be checking at the inner surface of each the resultant stress that it does not exceed the material tensile yield limit .
C, the maximum shear stress strength theory, prompting material damage due to maximum shear stress , as long as the maximum shear stress reaches a certain value ( ie, simple tension compression damage maximum shear stress ) , the material will be destroyed.
Select SKF bearings when , according to the use of parts and conditions of use and environmental conditions select size, accuracy , with appropriate SKF bearings SKF bearings is to ensure longevity and reliability of the premise. To fully meet the carrying capacity of SKF bearings , SKF bearing inner and outer rings ( or thrust bearing shaft washer seat ring ) the entire circumference , must be fully supported by strong and uniform , bearing surface may be cylindrical or conical surface , for SKF bearing shaft ring and seat ring , apply a flat surface . Thus, cooperating with SKF bearing ring surface processing must reach a certain precision , and should not have any grooves, holes or other non- continuous shape . In addition , SKF bearing rings must be securely fixed to prevent under load , SKF bearing ring in its rotation between the mating surfaces .
1, using the site : SKF bearings for radial load mainly radial and axial joint load , usually paired with two SKF bearings , primarily in the automotive front and rear wheels, active bevel gear, differential , reducers and other transmission parts .
2 , the permissible speed: installed correctly, oiled environment , allowing for the SKF bearing 0.3-0.5 times the speed limit . Under normal circumstances to 0.2 times the speed limit is most appropriate.
3 , allowing the tilt angle : SKF bearings are generally not permitted axis relative to shell hole , if inclined , the maximum does not exceed 2 '.
4 , allowing the temperature: in under normal load and lubricant high temperature performance and full lubrication conditions, the general SKF bearings allow the -30 ℃ -150 ℃ ambient temperature work .
SKF bearings Remove the rear intends to continue to use , you should use the appropriate removal tool . Removing the interference fit of the ring , only to increase tension on the ring will never allow pass through the rolling dismounting force , otherwise the rolling elements and raceways will be crushed .



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