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Working temperature inside the bearing lubrication

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Rational selection and add oil. To use in the course of the lubricant film surface tension , so that the formation of bubble collapse impact on the role when the oil flow is reduced accordingly , to be effective in preventing bearing cavitation ; lubricant viscosity grade can not be increased , so as not to increase the bearing coking tendency ; engine lubricating oil level must be within the standard range , lubricants and fuel use tools must be clean to prevent any entry of dirt and water , at the same time ensure that the engine ministries seal. Note that regular inspection and replacement of oil ; filling oil should place no pollution, no sand , to prevent the intrusion of all pollutants ; different quality, different viscosity grades as well as different types of lubricants used not mix , oil filling ago settling time is generally not less than 48h.
Lubricant selection errors, lack of lubricant aging induration or seizures , can lead to the occurrence of bearing vibration and noise, and this noise does not necessarily rule. About this situation, as long as the selection of a suitable lubricant , adjust its smooth dose , the use of extended lubricant life and reasonably determine change cycle.
Bearings are pressed into block after no sense should be flexible rotation . If significant rotation is not flexible , it indicates that the shaft size is too large, tolerance to downward. Such as bearings pressed into the shaft turned by hand obvious "imperfections " sense , it may be too much tolerance of the shaft or shaft roundness bad . So good control shaft and the bearing housing tolerance should also control the roundness, many domestic manufacturers only tolerance control , no roundness control.
Bearing lubrication principle with the other bearing lubrication basically the same, just the bearing operating conditions are relatively poor performance of its ability to obtain effectively depends largely on the bearing lubrication. Bearing lubrication methods are mainly used grease and oil lubrication.
Both grease lubrication grease seal , sealing and lubrication facilities, simple structure , easy to add grease , so long as the working conditions allow , the bearings are generally lubricated with grease .
The cooling effect of strong oil lubrication and bearing away from dirt and moisture. Bearings with oil lubrication methods are pressure lubrication , fuel injection lubrication , oil mist lubrication and oil lubrication. Pressure lubrication is the conventional speed bearing the most effective lubrication. The oil injection lubrication is a certain pressure through the nozzle mounted on the bearing side sprayed into the interior of the bearing lubrication , generally used in high-speed bearings , or pressure lubrication can not meet the cooling requirements of the occasion . Lubrication is spray drying of compressed air containing oil mist sprayed into the bearing for lubrication, using less oil , the role of the air , the cooling effect is very strong . Pressure lubrication and injection lubrication requires installation of inlet and outlet tubing, lubrication pump , oil reservoir, oil cooler and sometimes need , therefore , higher cost , generally bearing less used.


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