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KOYO Bearing failure analysis discriminant burns

Date锛2013-6-24 16:20:31

     The so-called burn in bearing damage state is: KOYO bearing raceway wheel, rolling and rotating cage in a sharp heat until discoloration, softening, deposition and breakage.
KOYO bearings burns caused mainly due to poor lubrication of bearings, may not be using regular lubricant or lubricant too much, too little, is not correct.

     By sampling the lubricant, etc. to determine the degree of contamination Duiqi. More suitable for close observation that can not or large bearing KOYO bearing situations effectively.
With listening or listening stick attached to the shell can clearly hear the voice of KOYO bearings for voice recognition needs to have a wealth of experience, it must adequately trained to recognize bearing achieve sound and non-bearing sound.

     KOYO bearing journal and there is a slight friction between the embossed metal surface in direct contact to form a local high temperature, insufficient lubrication and cooling bad case, the bearing alloy black or partially welded shut. This failure KOYO bearing journal and often with tight due; insufficient oil pressure is also easy to make KOYO bearings burned.


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