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TIMKEN gimbal bearing failure causes few notes

Date锛2013-6-24 16:36:25

      According TIMKEN bearing surface grinding metamorphic layer formation mechanism, the impact grinding metamorphic layer of the main factors is the grinding heat and grinding force. The following analysis of the gimbal bearing on the reasons for failure.

      1 pre-load main objectives: The main purpose of the pre-load and representativeness may be exemplified by some examples to prove a look:

      (1) determine the axis in the right direction and the axial direction of the radial positions, while suppressing the shaft runout.

      (2) increase the bearing stiffness. Machine tool spindle bearings, the rider with a differential mechanism pinion bearings.

      (3) to prevent the axial direction of the vibration and the resonance caused by the abnormal sound. Small motor bearing.

      For the combined load effect withstand radial bearings to withstand loads due to their increased number of rolling elements, friction increases, heat is increased lubrication and cooling conditions deteriorate, and the force acting on the cage also increases, and therefore, TIMKEN bearings must be based on the type and size of the load angle, the gimbal bearing speed limit to be multiplied by a reduction factor f2 swap.

      If the selected bearing speed limit speed can not be satisfied with the application requirements, can be used in some way to be progressive improvement of skills in order to reach than satisfy requests. Such as increased tolerance of poor grade TIMKEN bearings; proper clearance increases; instead insist particularly information and improved frame structure; transition lubrication methods, such as taking oil and gas, oil mist with spray lubrication; improved cooling conditions.


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