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Linear bearings TIMKEN the law runs premature fatigue analysis of the situation

Date锛2013-6-24 16:37:53

     TIMKEN bearing in premature failure of all cases, about 16% were due to improper installation or improper installation caused approach. A variety of different applications may require mechanical, thermal or hydraulic means to properly and efficiently install linear bearings. Select the appropriate application installation method will help you to extend bearing life and reduce premature bearing failure and the potential cost of the damage caused by the application.

     Before installation, usually an oil bath heated bearings. However, this approach may be contaminated bearings, causing premature bearing failure. Today, induction heating is the most common means for heating the bearing, because of its controllability, efficiency and safety are high. TIMKEN bearing induction heater application development standards. Linear Bearing induction heater has many features to help prevent damage to the heating process bearings.

     In fact, if every specific use, has taken a sufficient number of bearing life test to verify the suitability of the selected bearing in the economy of time and labor, therefore, the bearing life test method is necessary or important to the majority of case, in the case before use, a standard method of calculating the estimated life TIMKEN bearing life, there is adequate level of reliability.

     TIMKEN bearing material impact on the metallurgical quality rolling bearing early failure of the main factors. Followed by metallurgical skills (metaphor bearing steel vacuum degassing, etc.) progress, raw material quality was improved. Raw material quality factors in bearing failure description proportion has obviously declined, but it is still bearing failure is one of the main factors. Selection is appropriate linear bearing failure is still necessary to consider the factors described.

     Other, bearing to be monitored working conditions, there is progress in the restoration of the line out of the bearing results-based program, you can have a multiplier effect. The process in accordance with reasonable and efficient equipment and repair things and get professional help bearing plants, all contribute to economic development.

     TIMKEN bearing metal corrosion and rust are the main points of the hand sweat, accounting for the vast majority of metal corrosion, in many cases, can not be avoided. Hand sweat can cause corrosion of linear bearings, mainly sweat sweat in its membrane contact surface, the electrochemical reaction and interaction will lead to corrosion, but can be avoided, such as gloves, brings professional tools such as picking up parts.
Grease works are from the ball raceway separate reservoir with internal and external use, the viscosity of the oil used, attached to the ball and the raceway, the inner and outer raceways and balls isolated metal interface, reducing the metal surface wear and prevent air and moisture corrode metal, reducing vibration and noise, making linear bearings rotate smoothly.

     TIMKEN bearings exhibit advanced fault characteristics to a serious failure (generally axle bearing damage such as burns, sand shelf spallation, raceway, wear beads, etc.) is not more than one week big time, equipment, greater capacity, faster speed, the shorter the interval. Therefore, the actual bearing fault diagnosis, once found fault with advanced features, linear bearings should be decisive judgment there is a fault, as soon as possible overhaul.


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