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TIMKEN roller bearings caused by vibrations of the four factors in operation

Date锛2013-6-24 16:38:39

     TIMKEN bearings in itself does not generate noise. We usually feel "noise" is in fact directly or indirectly, with the surrounding structure of the vibration sound effects. Noise is the vibration propagation in the air by the human auditory system feel results.

     That is why many noise problems can be considered when it comes to vibration problems throughout the application. Due to changes in the number of rolling loads generated when a radial load excitation loads in a roller bearing, its load bearing rolling element number may vary slightly in the operation, namely :2 -3-2-3 .. .. This caused the load direction of the offset. The resulting vibration is inevitable, but by the axial pre-load to reduce, rolling load at all.

     1) bearing design parameters: the number of rolling elements, including bearings, rings and other wall thickness and clearance.

     2) bearing parts manufacturing errors include: TIMKEN bearing raceways and rolling elements surface roughness, roundness crossing pattern and degree of difference. Large number of experimental studies have shown that waviness on the roller bearing vibration dominates, while the surface roughness and roundness relatively small.

     3) bearing operating conditions: TIMKEN bearings during operation, load, speed, lubrication three aspects of bearing vibration greatest impact.

     4) bearing installation parameters: roller bearings and shaft and bearing housing, the installation of other factors also favor the bearing vibration impact.

     Waviness component of the bearing ring and the bearing or shaft tight fit between the case of a ring shape may be compatible with adjacent components and deformation. If there is distortion in the operation may produce vibration. Thus, the seat and shaft machined to the required tolerances is important. Local damage due to operational or installation error, a small part of the roller bearing raceways and rolling elements may be damaged. In operation, the rolled damaged bearing member will produce a particular frequency. Vibration frequency analysis can identify the damaged TIMKEN bearing components. The vibration behavior of applications in many applications, stiffness and rigidity of the surrounding structure identical. Due to this feature, as long as the correct choice of TIMKEN bearings (including pre-load and clearance) and in the application's configuration, it is possible to reduce the vibration applications.


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