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Bearing in various industries and innovation introduces the advantages

Date锛2013-8-27 9:21:33

Bearings in the automobile manufacturing industry, wind power industry, compressor industry, reliability, service, and household appliances, etc. There are many technological innovation. Which involves many aspects of the Chinese market, the new products and solutions, they include:
(1) at least 30% energy saving new energy efficient bearings.
(2) reduce the total cost of ownership of energy-efficient solutions.
(3) for the manufacturing and processing industry, new energy-efficient services.
(4) for the combined cycle power plant to provide the best stability and availability of the bearing asset management knowledge systems.
(5) to save energy and improve performance, security, and the running time of the compressor bearing solution.
(6) can improve wind turbine reliability and reduce operating costs of bearing new automatic lubrication system kit.
(7) can be eliminated due to overcurrent faults caused by the wind turbine bearing large mixed ceramic bearings.
(8) to extend gearbox life and operating performance and has a high load carrying capacity of the bearing short cylindrical roller bearings.
(9) can reduce total cost of ownership bearing washer value-added solutions.
(10) bearing as trucks, trailers and commercial vehicles launched prolong life, improve safety performance and emissions quality innovative solutions.
(11) can improve performance cars, operation and control of the bearing Patent: X-Tracker hub unit.


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