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Crankshaft bearing load classification and repair range

Date锛2013-8-27 9:28:29

A, bearing load classification
1, the rotation of the bearing load
Rotational load acting on the bearing radial load on the composite ring raceway along the circumferential direction of rotation, sequentially from the various parts of the exposure, this load is called rotational load, which is characterized by synthesis vector with respect to the radial load ring rotation. Withstand the rotational load of the ring tight fit to be elected, in exceptional circumstances, such as the load is very light, or under heavy load low speed only occasionally rings, bearings use hard materials and surface roughness is higher, rotating load to bear Rings can also be used looser fit.
2, the swing load bearing
Swing load acting on the ring a synthetic variable radial load direction, this load is called swing load or non-directional load, which is characterized by the synthesis of the ferrule effect radial load ring raceway vectors within a certain region swing, certain areas of the roller is exposed, or the load acting on the bearing is an impact load, the vibration load, the direction of the load values change frequently. Have to bear the load bearing swing, jackets circle and weeks, bearing, the hole should be adopted with a tight fit.
3, a fixed load bearing
Secure the load acting on the ring on the synthesis of radial load from the local area ring raceway is exposed, and transmitted to the shaft or bearing the appropriate local area, this load is called a fixed load. Its characteristics are synthetic radial load vector with ferrule relatively static. Directed to bear the load of the ring can be used looser fit.
B, crankshaft repair range
1 decomposition, clean crankshaft assembly, to ensure internal crankshaft oil passages clean and smooth.
2 on the crankshaft flaw, if the crack and must be replaced. Carefully check the crankshaft main journal, rod journal and its transition arc, all surfaces must not have scratches, burns and touch marks.
3 Check the crankshaft main and rod journal, dimension overrun press repair level to be repaired.
Crankshaft journal fixes will be allowed as follows:
1 crankshaft radial runout, thrust face common axis spindle runout neck, must comply with the technical requirements. Otherwise, it must be corrected
2 crankshaft front gear for cracks, damage, badly worn, replace the crankshaft.
3 Check the crankshaft journal and rod journal hardness requirements, must comply with the technical requirements. Otherwise, it should be re-treated in order to meet the requirements
4 feet carefully check the crankcase of the shock absorber, if damaged, rubber aging, cracking, deformation or cracks, it must be replaced.
5 crankpin axis, the length of the neck within the common axis of the spindle parallel to meet the technical requirements.
6 If the crankshaft balancer bolt crack and must be replaced. Replace the crankshaft counterweight or balancing block bolts, crankshaft assembly carried on because of the balancing test, to ensure that the amount of unbalance meet the technical requirements.


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