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Rust bearing lubrication technology

Date锛2013-8-29 9:44:42

With the grease in the bearing must have the anti-corrosion effect , a rust inhibitor preferably insoluble in water. Grease should have good adhesion can form a film on the steel surface , even grease filled with water can also be maintained.
Mechanical stability
Grease in the mechanical processing will become soft , resulting in leakage. When there is vibration application examples , by bearing grease flung bearing . The mechanical stability is not enough if the grease , oil will continue to be thrown bearings , this would produce soap mechanical disintegration of the structure and use of grease is destroyed.
Seals protect bearings and lubricants are necessary in order to prevent external contamination , whether debris or moisture can not penetrate the bearing to prevent damage . Proper installation and maintenance is to play an important factor bearing the longest life . Must also pay attention to cleanliness of bearings , bearing selection and correctness of the choice of appropriate installation and maintenance tools . Bearings must be protected against contaminants and moisture contamination , must be properly installed and lubrication. The design of the bearing with the column , the condition seal , lubricant type and lubrication cycle , as well as specialized care are playing the same role .
Never put grease mixing incompatible , if two incompatible grease mixed , usually become soft consistency , the final result may be easy to lose fat and cause damage. If you do not know what kind of bearing grease originally used , you must first clear the bearing inner and outer of the old grease before restocking grease.
1 , soak method : bearings with grease soaked in rust , the allowed surface adhesion layer of anti-rust oil approach. Antirust film thickness can be controlled by the temperature or viscosity of the oil to achieve .
2 , brushing method : for the NA immersion or spray bearings or bearing a special shape , brush when it is necessary to pay attention not produce anti-rust oil accumulation and pay attention coated to prevent leakage .
3, the spray method : some large bearings can not be oiled by immersion method , generally about 0.7Mpa pressure filter with compressed air spray cleaner place . Spray application of anti-rust oil or solvent dilution thin rust oil, but must adopt comprehensive fire protection and labor protection measures .
Cleanliness of bearing on bearing life is quite large, we have conducted a special test for this , the result is the difference of even several times more. The higher the cleanliness of the bearing , the longer the life of the experiment showed that: cleanliness of lubricants on ball bearing life greatly. Therefore , to improve the cleanliness of the lubricating oil can extend the life of the bearing , in addition , if the control oil dirt particles containing less than 10um , the bearing life is increased by times .


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