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Bearing oil removal and maintenance measures

Date锛2013-8-29 9:48:51

The result is frequently used bearing grease increases, while oil will directly reduce bearing life, then how to thoroughly clean the oil on the bearings it? Here to teach you an easy method of clearing the oil on the bearings.
Soft dry oil or rust paste hardened bearing should immersed in 100 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ hot oil, use pliers bearings, bearings with a hair brush oil on a clean. Soft dry oil or rust cream is heated to 100 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ to melt easily washed from the cracks in the bearing out. Sometimes just the bearing in the oil repeatedly shaking. Oil will be flowing away from the gap.
In cleaning bearings, spherical bearings to the heart, it should put the ball, bead frame, the inner from the outer lateral transfer out and then immersed in hot oil, the short cylindrical roller bearing roller cleaning when they should, bead frame, inner and outer disengage.
In hot oil cleaning, oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃
Oiled to prevent rust bearings
1, soak method: Soak in some small bearings with anti-rust oil, the oil film thickness can be controlled by anti-rust oil temperature or viscosity to achieve. Adhesion to the surface layer of rust grease approach.
2, brushing method: Brush evenly spread when the attention of the bearing surface, do not produce accumulation and pay attention coated to prevent leakage.
3, the spray method: Some material not suitable for large-scale anti-rust oil coating by immersion method, generally about 0.7Mpa pressure filter with compressed air spray cleaner place. Spray application of anti-rust oil or solvent dilution thin rust oil. This method must be improved fire protection and labor protection measures.
Bearing surface rust pretreatment method:
1, surface cleaning: The cleaning must be combined with the nature of the bearing surfaces and the prevailing conditions. Commonly used methods are solvent cleaning, mechanical cleaning and chemical treatment cleaning method.
2, the surface is dry cleaned and dried filtered compressed air available. Or a dryer with a temperature of 120 ~ 170 ℃ dried, and finally dry with a clean gauze.


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