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What are the sealed bearings

Date锛2013-9-5 10:03:07

Sealed bearings have a very important role in sealing purposes: prevent dust, moisture and impurities into the bearing and also prevents loss of lubricant. Good seal ensures that the machines work, reducing noise and extension part of the tho. Sealing-contact seals and non-contacting seals.
Jinan yuelong bearing limited company: 1. contact seal
Direct contact with axis due to seal, friction, wear and severe when working, useful only in low speed situations. -Contact seals are mainly as follows:
① felt ring seals
Open trapezoid Groove in the bearing cover, made of felt according to the standard ring or belt-shaped, placed in a trapezoid Groove in shaft seal contact. Felt ring seal is mainly used for grease lubrication, the structure is simple, but larger coefficient of friction, sliding speed is less than 4~5M/s, and where the temperature does not exceed 90 ° c.
② ring-ring seal
Bearing cover, place a sealing ring made of oil resistant rubber ring, rubber elastic force of bent and attached circular helical spring clasps and tight on the shaft in order to seal. Ring-ring direction towards the sealing parts. If mainly to seal oil, seals, bearing (inside) if the mainly to prevent foreign objects into, the sealing ring should be facing away from the bearing; if both are needed, better to use a seal reverse placed two rings-ring. Ring-ring seals can be used for surface sliding speed is less than 10m/s (when the shaft is fine) or less than 15m/s (when the shaft is worn).
2. Non-contact seals
Using non-contact seals can avoid the sliding friction between the surfaces. Commonly used non-contact seals are as follows:
① oil duct seal
Shaft and bearing caps bore hole walls keeping remained a very narrow RADIUS clearance is usually 0.1~0.3mm. For bearings with grease lubrication has prescribed a sealing effect. If the bearing cover to get in out of the ring groove, Groove insert grease, improves sealing effectiveness. Riser sealing application in dry and clean environment.
② Labyrinth seal
Labyrinth seal is to clearances between rotating and fixed curved road (the labyrinth), and filled with a lubricating oil or grease in the gap to enhance the sealing effect. Both radial and axial: radial curve road, the radial clearance is not more than 0.1~0.2mm; axially curved roads due to axial elongation after heat, gaps should take bigger, 1.5~2mm. Labyrinth seal when the environment is dirty and wet is pretty reliable.



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