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Lubrication of rolling bearing noise

Date锛2013-9-7 9:31:52

Vibration and noise of rolling bearings comes mainly from bearing manufacturing reasons, rolling morbidity and the inner ring, the Raceway surface geometry errors, Raceway ripple effect of maximum, followed by the Platinum roundness and surface roughness. Rolling elements and internal and external causes of the three, rolling elements of rolling surface maximum geometric accuracy of bearing vibration and noise.
For deep groove ball bearings, Groove radius of curvature is determined by the size and Groove seal level, also have an impact on noise and vibration of bearing vibration and noise of a direct impact on host performance, was the miniature bearings and bearing one of the important general indicators of quality, are also certain occasions large and extra large size bearings special requirements. Rolling bearing vibration using vibration acceleration and velocity values respectively evaluated. When measuring bearing vibration acceleration and speed values, requires the inner ring of the bearing with a certain rotation of the speed rotation, external causes is not spinning, and exert a certain amount of radial or axial load for testing.
Thick SOAP-agent is in a mesh of fibers, features like container of lubricating oil. Reticular organization of space had been filled with lubricant, like small holes filled with water in the sea. If a sponge is squeezed, the water outflow, grease like a sponge, who squeezed oil discharge, but rolling bearing grease are rarely directly squeezed for oil, because a lubrication bearing in run time, grease is active on the interior space of the rolling bearings. Oil major causes of oil to the sliding surfaces are not all caused by mechanical operation, but because of grease around the bearing caused by rising temperatures. Enough gas must reach the sliding surface, the chosen fats, nature must be suitable for rolling bearing type and operating conditions. There are special requirements, for example, in the case of vibrations of rolling bearings, grease if lack of mechanical stability, vibration is constantly being thrown into or rolling bearings, will cause a collapse of the structure of the metal SOAP, damaged fats.



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