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By touching the check the bearing adjustment repair

Date锛2013-9-7 9:35:38

High temperatures often bearing has been in a State of exception. High temperatures may also harm the lubricant in the bearing. Sometimes overheated bearings on the bearing lubricant bearings in more than 125 degrees f (260 degrees c) temperature of the long-term operation, will reduce the bearing life, bearing high temperature caused by reasons: inadequate or excessive lubrication, lubrication lubricant containing impurities, heavy load, bearing damage, inadequate clearance and oil seal with high friction and so on.
So continuity is necessary to monitor bearing temperature, whether measured or other important parts of the bearing itself. If you are running under the same circumstances, any change in temperature may indicate a failure has occurred.
Bearing temperature measurement on a regular basis by means of thermometer can accurately measure bearing temperatures. The importance of bearing, means that when it is damaged, will cause the device to shut down, so this type of bearings should preferably be retro-fitting of the temperature probes.
Due to the radial and axial internal clearance of the bearing a clear relationship between, so you only need to specify a numeric value. Axial internal clearance is generally specified. Can then be used by the following methods get the specified value from the zero clearance: loosen or tighten the nut on the shaft or housing bore Spiro, or between a bearing ring and the bearing insert calibrated washers or shims. Used to adjust the clearance and the actual method of measuring set clearance, depending on the installed bearing the number.
In good condition as long as possible in order to maintain bearing performance, it is imperative for maintenance, overhaul, in order to prevent accidents, ensure the reliability of operation, production, economic-oriented. Maintenance operation standard machines, the best conditions, conducted on a regular basis.



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