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Rolling Fever Causes and Remedy

Date锛2013-9-11 9:44:14

Machine shaft parts, especially the spindle, generally with rolling or sliding bearings assembled into one, and a high rotational speed, and sometimes it will produce very high heat. This phenomenon if not removed, will cause bearing overheating, and to the corresponding parts of the machine to produce thermal deformation temperature, serious cause spindle and tailstock is not high, which not only affects the accuracy and precision machine itself, but will the bearing burned out. Spindle bearings causes fever and troubleshooting as shown in Table I.
Rolling Fever Causes and Remedy
One, reason: low precision bearings Methods: required levels of precision bearings
Two reasons: Spindle bore different heart bent or box method: Fix spindle or cabinet
Three reasons: belt too tight: Adjust the belt so that the appropriate tightness
Four reasons: poor lubrication Methods: provide grade lubricating material and properly cleaned
5 reasons: the low quality assembly methods: improving the quality of assembly
6, reason: bearing housing laps: Replace worn bearings and related components
7, the axial force is too large Methods: cleaning, alignment ring seals the gap between the requirements of 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, correct impeller balance hole diameter and the checksum value of static equilibrium
8, the bearing damage: replace bearings



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