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Bearing clearance selection should pay attention to what

Date锛2013-9-11 9:49:17

Bearing clearance can work is an important factor , divided into axial clearance and radial clearance. Select the appropriate clearance , can load in a reasonable distribution between the bearing rolling elements ; limit the axis ( or housing ) axial and radial displacement of the axis of rotation to ensure accuracy ; make the bearings at the specified temperature under normal work ; reduce vibration and noise , help to improve bearing life. Therefore . In the selection of the bearing , you must select the proper bearing clearance .
Select the bearing clearance , should consider the following aspects :
1, the bearing operating conditions such as load, temperature , speed, etc. ;
2 , the bearing on performance requirements ( precision rotation , friction torque , vibration, noise ) ;
3 , the bearing and the shaft and housing bore is caused when the interference fit bearing clearance decreases ;
4 , bearing work, the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings resulting bearing clearance decreases ;
5, due to the shaft and housing materials with different coefficients of expansion , leading to decrease or increase the bearing clearance .
6, according to experience , ball bearings optimum operating clearance is close to zero ; roller bearings should be maintained with a small amount of clearance work . Good rigidity of the required supporting member , the bearing to allow a certain preload value . Here in particular that the so-called clearance work , refers to the actual operating conditions in the bearing clearance . There is also a clearance called primitive clearance refers to the bearing clearance before installation . Clearance than the original installation clearance. Our selection of clearance , the main task is to select the appropriate clearance .
7, the national standard clearance values are divided into three groups: a basic group ( group 0 ) , a small clearance auxiliary group ( group 1 and 2 ) and a large clearance auxiliary group ( 3,4,5 group ) . Selected, under normal operating conditions, should give priority to the use of basic group , you can get the right bearing clearance work . When the basic group can not meet the requirements, you should use the auxiliary group of clearance . Large clearance auxiliary group for bearing and shaft and housing bore interference fit , a larger temperature difference between inner and outer ring bearing , deep groove ball bearings need to bear large axial load or the need to improve aligning performance , the heart and requirements and to improve speed limit reduce the bearing friction torque and other occasions ; small auxiliary group for clearance requires high rotational accuracy , should be strictly controlled housing bore of the axial displacement and the need to reduce vibration and noise of the occasion .


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