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Bearing outer race installation notes

Date锛2013-9-13 9:26:18

Bearing inner ring and the outer ring of the points and some separation of the inner and outer bearing type is, this brought difficulties when mounting bearings, so when installing the bearing outer ring must be careful. According to the practice and summary of our technical staff, we came to the following bearing outer race installation notes.
1. the circlip fixed structural simplicity, Assembly, disassembly and inconvenience, small axial dimension. Plus transfers between the bearing face and retaining ring ring, you can also adjust bearing axial position to cover processing, removing the error. Real speed is not high, small axial loads of places.
2. fixed radial bearing outer ring with snap ring Groove can be used this method of fixing. Construct simple, small axial dimensions. Not suffer a large axial load.
3. regulating screw and relieve the cover is similar to cover fixed. This installation of bearing clearance in outside the box may change. Regulating screws for loose way.
4. threaded collar useful in high speed, axial loads a larger place. Threaded collar conditioning bearing clearance of radial-axial bearings arranged face-to-face. Thread ring should have a locking option.
5. end cover for radial and radial-axial bearings fixed on the axis side. End caps can be made into a variety of situations. When the end cap for the through-hole, and may also carry a variety of sealed installation. Firm for high speed, axial loads a larger place.


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