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Characteristics of deep groove ball bearings, use and installation

Date锛2013-9-13 9:30:18

Deep groove ball bearings are the most commonly used for rolling bearings. It has a simple structure, easy to use. Mainly used to withstand the radial load, but when increasing bearing radial clearance, and has some bearing performance and can sustain the diameter, axial joint loading. Thrust ball bearings at high speed and should not be used, can also be used to take pure axial load.
Compared with other types of bearing of the same size, this type of bearing friction coefficient, high speed limit. But not impact resistance it is not appropriate to bear heavy loads.
After the deep groove ball bearings are mounted on the shaft, bearings axial clearance range may limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in both directions, so in bidirectional axial location.
In addition, the spherical bearings also have a certain capacity, when compared to the shell hole when the tilt 2 ′ ~10 ′, still works, but has some effect on bearing life.
Deep groove ball bearing cages for pressed window-type steel cage, large bearings used-car metal cage.
Deep groove ball bearings are widely used in automobiles, tractors, machine tools, motors, pumps, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, and so on. Shielded deep groove ball bearings and seals fill Assembly with the right amount of grease before mounting should not be heated without cleaning, use no relubrication is required in the process, adapt to the operating temperature is between-30 ° c to + 120 ° c.



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