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Bearing mounted the steps and precautions

Date锛2013-9-17 9:47:06

Bearing installation should be preceded with gasoline or kerosene to clean and dry before use, and to ensure good lubrication, bearings are generally lubricated with grease, oil lubrication can be. Lubricated with grease should be used free of impurities, oxidation, rust, and other superior performance extreme pressure grease. With sealing structure of the double row tapered roller bearings and water pump bearing grease has been populated, the user can directly use, can no longer be cleaned. Grease filling is bearing and tank volume of 30% -60%, not too much.

Bearing installation must be on the circumference of the ring face exert equal pressure, push the ferrule may not be a direct hit with a hammer prime tool bearing face, so as not to damage the bearings. If large quantities of installation, can be used hydraulic press. Press-fitting, should ensure that outer end face and the housing shoulder, inner end face and the shaft shoulder pressed, does not allow a gap. In the case of a small amount of interference, it can be pressed at room temperature with sleeve bearing ring face, beating with a hammer sleeve, the sleeve will be pressed into the ring balanced.

When a large amount of interference, can be heated oil bath or induction heating device bearing method to install the heating temperature range is 80 ℃ -100 ℃, the maximum can not exceed 120 ℃. Meanwhile, the application of a nut or other appropriate methods tighten the bearing to prevent the bearing cooling after leaving the ring widthwise shrinkage gap between the shaft shoulder

Single row tapered roller bearings installed last clearance adjustment should be carried out. Clearance values should be based on the use of different conditions and the amount of interference with the size of specifically identified. Necessary, should be tested to determine. Double row tapered roller bearings and water pump bearing has been adjusted at the factory clearance, installation without further adjustment.

Bearing Installation: Bearing must be installed in a dry, clean environment conditions. Should be carefully checked before installation of shaft and housing mating surface, convex shoulder face, grooves and connecting surface processing quality. All surfaces must be carefully cleaned the mating connector and remove burrs, casting Ex unworked surface must be sand.


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