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How to verify whether the deterioration of bearing grease

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With the grease in the bearing must be rust , anti-rust agent preferably insoluble in water. Grease should have good adhesion, and can form a film on the steel surface , grease in the mechanical processing will become soft , resulting in leaks. During normal operation, the bearing grease flung bearing . If the mechanical stability of oil is not enough, during operation , make the structure of the soap grease mechanical disintegration , causing oil to be destroyed , and thus loss of lubrication , if the wrong choice of bearing grease are all preventive measures are futile , select an kind of fat , its base oil viscosity at operating temperature to be able to provide adequate lubrication is very important, mainly by the viscosity temperature, which decreases with increasing temperature , the temperature drop is its increased. Therefore , you must know the operating temperature of the base oil viscosity . Machinery manufacturers usually specify the use of certain oils, greases , however most of the standard scope of application is very broad.
      In the process of using a bearing , the grease is critical . If you use a grease deterioration not only achieve its proper role , away will damage the bearings.
① oil flow observation
Take two measuring cups , one containing the lubricating oil to be checked , the other empty on the table, will be filled with oil cup held high 30-40 cm away from your desk and tilt , allowing oil to flow slowly empty cup , the observed flow , good quality lubricating oil flow should be slender , uniform, continuous , if there is oil flow unsteadiness , sometimes with large shed , then say oil has gone .
② hand twist method
Twist the lubricant between the thumb and index finger repeatedly grinding, good hand feel lubricating oil , less wear debris , no friction, if they feel the sand between your fingers like a larger sense of friction , then the oil within impurities, can not be reused and should be replaced with new oil .
③ photopheresis
On a clear day , the oil lifted with a screwdriver , a 45 degree angle with the horizontal plane . Control sunlight, observe droplets situation , in the light , you can clearly see the oil is no debris is good , can continue to function , if too much debris , replace the oil .
④ droplets traces France
Take a clean white paper , drip a few drops on the filter until the oil leak , if the surface has black powder , a resistive touch astringent sense , then the oil inside the impurities have been many good lubricants no powder , hand feels dry and smooth, and yellow marks.


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