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Maximize the life of the eccentric bearing

Date锛2013-9-18 9:53:48

Apart from the eccentric bearing life depends on the quality of the product itself , there are some important factor.
1, the bearing selection stage , a number of factors need to be considered (for example : load, hardness , operating environment, etc. ) , a good design of the first eccentric bearings will reach its maximum lifetime value .
2 , correct storage , eccentric bearings before installation should preferably be kept in their original packaging. Need to stay in a clean, moisture free , relatively constant temperature in the environment. Rolling should stay away from dust, water and corrosive chemicals. Shaking and vibration may forever destroy the mechanical properties of the bearing , so the processing and storage should be avoided during vibration. General bearing should be kept level , some heavier bearing vertically long , will be deformed due to its own weight ! Also, coated with grease ( or sealed ) bearings require special care , because the oil after a long period after storage density will change . When the bearing first time , there will be a certain degree of rotation noise. Therefore, these bearings should set aside time FIFO principle to control !
3, clean , which is very important for the bearing . Rotation of the eccentric bearing ring surface is very smooth, damage of pollutants is very sensitive . Particulate impurities will be rolled over the rolling elements and the partial pressure generated in the bearing will eventually cause permanent fatigue .
4 , fully equipped to install , the bearing should carefully using a suitable tool installation and removal ( refer to bearing removal video series ) . Should choose the right tool ! Industry experts estimate that premature bearing failure , 16 % were due to improper installation caused . Generally speaking a lot of installation will normally take the appropriate bearing mounting equipment. However, in the maintenance or replacement work , the environment variety ! Suggest that the relevant drawings , maintenance manuals , product brochures need to take a closer look . Bearing components should also be kept absolutely clean !
5 , careful installation and removal , has repeatedly talked about the eccentric bearing before installation ( everyone if similar problems , here are some aspects of the article bearing installation ) , again briefly summarize : 1, do not impose on the rolling elements mounted force , this can easily lead to the rolling element and the seat ring contact surface of the local overload and thus premature failure of the bearing guide Zhen . 2 , do not use any hard tools ( such as hammers, screwdrivers , etc., I have seen too many use these two tools "hard" installed , too strong ) direct knock on the bearing surface , which causes the bearing ring fracture or broken . 3, the general bearing not detached from the device , only the larger bearing only removed due to preventive maintenance . Demolition process , first with the right tools , to ensure that no damage to the adjacent parts !
6 , the correct proper lubrication , the lubricant can be isolated bearing surfaces , thereby reducing friction and to protect the metal parts and to prevent contamination and impurities. A variety of grease used for different operating conditions . Because excessive rolling member rolling bearing lubricant to withstand the long-term mechanical stress , and in particular for a long time at high temperature , moisture or contamination of the environment , the lubricant will change the chemical properties . These will lead to lubrication quality. Therefore, to regularly re- lubricated eccentric bearing .


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