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Bearing precision class

Date锛2013-9-22 10:29:23

Precision of the bearings (main) dimension precision and running accuracy. Grades are standardized into P0, P6, P5, P4, P2 level of five levels.
  Accuracy from 0 in turn increase is sufficient for general use level 0, as shown in table 1 when circumstances or occasions, need to be level 5 or higher precision.
  Dimensional accuracy (with the shaft and the housing installation-related projects)
  1, for measuring inner diameters, outer diameters and widths and fittings width allowable deviation
  2, the complex circle diameter of roller set and compound outside diameter allowable deviation
  3, the acceptable limit values for chamfer dimensions
  Change amount of width 4, allowing
  Running accuracy (with rotating body beat-related items)
  1, inner ring and the outer ring of the permitted radial and axial runout
  2, inner rings allow lateral runout
  3, the outside diameter surface angled to allow variation
  4, change amount of thrust bearing Raceway allow for thickness of
  5, the amount of taper tolerance and allow changes



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