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Maintain the General steps for spherical roller bearings

Date锛2013-9-22 10:51:37

1) track bearing position in the mill, and recorded. Timken Company can provide customers with spherical bearings maintenance service cards, bearing can be used to record your seat reservation, roll number, rack, bearing in rolling mill, outer ring load area and tonnage of rolled products and bearing data such as hours worked. Records should be kept up to date and convenient maintenance staff to check with the card, blank space at the bottom to record bearing measuring data and other detection details;
2) removed from the roll bearing housing, remove the bearing housings. Both remove bearing from the housing and the bearing inspection requires special tools and hoisting, Timken Company offers customers special hoisting hoisting tools and recommendations;
3) clean bearings. Should be removed in the process of cleaning and bearing all the flaking residue, water, lubricants, as well as any other dirt can cause excessive wear of the bearing. Bearing cleaning detergent for the cleaning method and according to clean bearings or bearing size number, small bearings or a small amount of bearings available kerosene, mineral oil or other commercial solvents. For larger bearings or large bearings, viscosity for 40 ° c 22cSt (100SUS or 100 ° f) neutral oil cleaning tank cleaning.
4) check the bearings, including appearance inspection and minor repairs. Detachable roller inner ring outer surface or roller on the surface, if you find that there has been little of flaking skin cracks, usually by grinding machine peeling Peel grinding and polishing of metal edge.
5) should periodically check the degree of wear of the bearing, can be assessed by measuring bearing clearance wear of bearings;
6) depending on your needs, check and repair housing;
7) mount the bearing housings;
8) depending on your needs, check and repair the roll neck;
9) install the bearing housings on the roll.


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