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Rolling maintenance problems

Date锛2013-10-24 9:58:05

Rolling is the mass production of mechanical parts , and manufacturing precision requirements are very strict, technically high degree of specialization , so for the most readily available bearing varieties , it should be more economical to purchase than repaired , and only in the following cases before considering SKF bearings fix the problem , namely:

( 1 ) a large number of large factories are using the same type of bearing failure mainly in the form of its rolling surface wear, fatigue or fretting abrasion , especially damaged parts mostly cage or rolling , while still ring or gasket repair value ;

( 2 ) large and extra large bearing on the brink of failure or having lapsed and no significant damage parts , or precious bearings must seek to extend its useful life is ;

( 3 ) some really difficult to buy into the bearing varieties , after the failure had no spare parts and repair , especially imported bearings ;

( 4 ) bearing a slight injury, such as inventory produced during the mild water, rust , and transport process produces a slight micro abrasion, such cases repaired easily and gesture .

In addition to economy outside bearing repairs as well as its technical , requiring repairer fully understand bearing the corresponding technical requirements , with the bearing and parts in the structure , process and on the characteristics of the material , it would be difficult to ensure the bearing repairs have desirable results.

A, bearing repair cost :

In general, fewer species bearing large quantities , the high price of a single bearing or bearing structure is simple . Large size, the repair costs are relatively lower cost is higher.

In addition, the functioning of SKF bearings to be monitored , there are plans to carry out repairs before the bearing failure can have a multiplier effect . Follow a reasonable process , the use of efficient repair equipment and tools, and to obtain the help of professional bearing plants will help to increase economic efficiency.

B, and professional bearing enterprise cooperation benefits:

Users in the repair of bearings business, if they can obtain professional bearing enterprise cooperation , will likely get the following benefits:

( 1 ) can be explicitly repairing the technical requirements of the various processes , and how to ensure that the overall quality of bearing repair ,

( 2 ) can take advantage of the many specialized professional bearing factory experience, which can be measured reliably , efficiently and economically meet process requirements ; Custer wine imported pump valve

( 3 ) can be ordered workers to professional business card bearing capacity molds, borrowed repair business , may be more economical and save a lot of trouble ;

( 4 ) can be ordered to enterprises such as professional bearing cage, rolling , rivets and other accessories that may make repair work easy and economical.


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