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CNC electromechanical FBI Precautions

Date锛2013-10-24 10:00:55

CNC machine is powered on normally, mechanical and electrical FBI should pay attention to :
1, first JOG mode for each axis , the reverse jog operation , pending action is correct , and then try to run in the AUTO mode, a simple procedure .
2 , the spindle and feed axis test run , should be low after the high-speed, and make positive and reverse test .
3 , first press overtravel protection switch, verify the reliability of its protective effect , and then the slow overtravel test , validate overtravel hit the block installation is correct.
4, until the manual action is correct, and then complete the return parameter for each axis operation . Parameters for each axis before returning reverse some distance away from the reference point , do not participate in the back near the reference point , so can not find a reference point.
5 for tool selection test, first tune air knife number, observation tool change is correct or not , to be correct then exchanged real knife .
6 , the preparation of a workpiece own procedures , as much as possible , including a variety of functions and auxiliary functions directive commands maximum stroke displacement size is limited to the machine . Concurrent program to add, delete and modify operations . Finally, run the program observe the machine is working properly.


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