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Sets of parts machining

Date锛2013-10-28 9:50:44

Types of sets of parts and structures : sets of parts can be divided according to their structural characteristics and cut -two -piece
Sets of parts of the technical requirements :
1 ) bore
Hung sets of parts within the supporting fire from the main surface of the guiding role . The size of the hole diameter tolerance level is generally IT7, precision bushings sometimes take IT6, hydraulic cylinder bore generally take IT8, if matched with a seal on the piston can be reduced to IT9. Surface roughness is generally Ra1.6 ~ 0.1; generally require high : Ra0.04
2 ) Cylindrical
Diameter tolerance level is usually IT6 ~ IT7; surface roughness Ra3.2 ~ 0.4
3 ) concentricity between the inner and outer circle
When the final machining the bore is pressed into the sleeve after the cabinet or base , the jacket of the coaxial cylindrical shoulder lower requirement ; if the sleeve assembly before final machining is completed, both inside and outside the circle coaxial higher, and generally 0.01 to 0.05 .
4 ) the hole axis and the vertical face
The end cap at work if the axial load , or as a positioning reference in the processing , the face and the bore axis of the vertical degree requirements are high, generally 0.02 to 0.05
Sets of parts materials and blanks :
Material: sets of parts usually steel, cast iron, bronze or brass. Some plain bearings with double metal structure, which uses centrifugal casting in a steel jacket on the inner wall casting bronze, lead bronze alloy or pap- bearing alloy, can improve the bearing capacity and service life.
Blank : smaller aperture sleeve , usually selected hot-rolled or cold-drawn bar , also with solid castings. Aperture is large , often using perforated or seamless steel castings and forgings . Available for some thin bimetallic bearing material formed by bending . Mass production , can be cold extrusion and powder metallurgy and other advanced manufacturing processes.
Sets of parts machining major technological problems
 "Up to the hole machining accuracy and surface roughness , and the outer peripheral surface of the hole to ensure mutual position accuracy ."
Sets of parts machining sequence there are two options : the first is the outer circle as the final processing program , starting with the outer rough start , and then rough, finishing the final finishing cylindrical bore . This program is suitable for external surface is the most important surface of sets of parts . The second option is to bore as the final processing program , starting with the inner hole rough start , and then rough, finishing cylindrical, finally finishing the hole . This program is suitable for the bore surface is the most important sets of parts .


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