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Tempering Types and Applications

Date锛2013-10-29 9:19:51

According to the performance requirements of different workpieces , according to their different tempering temperature , tempering can be divided into the following categories:
( A ) low-temperature tempering ( 150-250 degrees )
The resulting tempering martensite . Its purpose is to maintain high hardness of hardened steel and high wear resistance under the premise of reducing the quenching stress and brittleness , when used to prevent premature cracking or damage. It is mainly used for a variety of high-carbon cutting tools , measuring tools, Die , bearings and other pieces carburizing , tempering hardness is generally HRC58-64.
( B ) in the temperature tempering ( 350-500 degrees )
Tempering temperature obtained is tempered troostite . The aim is to obtain a high yield strength, high toughness and elastic limit . Therefore, it is mainly used for various springs and hot die processing , tempering hardness is generally HRC35-50.
( C ) high-temperature tempering ( 500-650 degrees )
The resulting high-temperature tempering sorbite is tempered . Customary to quenching and tempering heat treatment combination called quenching, its purpose is to obtain strength, hardness and ductility, toughness is good overall mechanical properties. Therefore , widely used in automobiles, tractors, machine tools and other important structural parts, such as rods , bolts , gears and shafts . Hardness after tempering is generally HB200-330. Atmosphere, a chemical reaction with the metal


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