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Overall eccentric bearing noise elimination methods

Date锛2013-10-29 9:36:06

Bearing materials metallurgical quality affect the bearing early failure of the main factors . Followed by metallurgy technology ( such as bearing steel vacuum degassing, etc. ) to improve , improve the quality of raw materials . Raw material quality factors in the overall eccentric bearing failure analysis in the proportion has decreased significantly, but it is still bearing failure is one of the main factors . Appropriateness of the selection is still bearing failure analysis of the factors that must be considered .
The main task of bearing failure analysis is based on a lot of background material, analysis of data and failure modes, find the cause of bearing failure of the main factors for targeted improvement measures are proposed to extend the self-aligning roller bearing service period , to avoid bearing sudden occurrence of early failure .
Bearing vibration effects on the bearing failure is significant . Example: peeling , dents , rust, cracks, wear , etc. will be in the bearing vibration detection reflected so through the use of special overall eccentric bearing vibration measuring devices ( frequency analyzer and vibration analyzer etc.) can measure the size of the vibration frequency distribution can be inferred by the abnormal vibration details of the measured values due to the use of the bearing premise or sensor mounting location is different for each machine so requires prior analysis and comparison of measured values determined after judgment scales .
One , reason: overall eccentric bearing low precision approach : use specified levels of precision bearings
Two reasons : Spindle bore different heart bent or box method : Fix spindle or cabinet
Three reasons : belt too tight : Adjust the belt so that the appropriate tightness
Four reasons : poor lubrication Methods: provide grade lubricating material and properly cleaned
5 reasons : the low quality assembly methods : improving the quality of assembly
6 , reason: bearing housing laps : Replace worn bearings and related components
7 , the axial force is too large Methods: cleaning, alignment ring seals the gap between the requirements of 0.2 ~ 0.3mm , correct impeller balance hole diameter and the checksum value of static equilibrium
8, the bearing damage : replace bearings


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