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SKF needle roller bearings installed relaxation member how to maintain

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SKF Bearing rings mounted fixed relaxation induced noise , noise in the device as a whole is more common. Bearing rings relaxation noise theory is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is SKF bearing rings relaxation deformation noise , a noise is to move the bearing rings relaxation . Needle bearing maintenance, which must be diagnosed with a relaxing type of noise, after making fixed adjustments.
Fixed axial needle bearing inner sleeve relaxation , along with the shaft rotation bearing sleeve will be a slight deformation . Inner sleeve loose coat will also lead SKF bearings and bearing a collision , resulting in deformation of the outer ring also appears trace . Bearing long-term operation , the deformation will continue to expand , causing the deformation of noise more obvious. If it is found SKF bearings fixed relaxation, and there was a serious deformation , replace bearings ; when deformation is small, adjustable bearing operation center , straightening pretension .
SKF bearings fixed inner sleeve relaxation , resulting in bearing radial displacement of the noise. Mounted within the ferrule relative to the slack may occur radial movement of the mounting surface , thereby changing the state of equilibrium, the centrifugal force occurs bearing elastic vibration excitation . Relaxation occurs when the moving needle bearing noise , even when the axial preload does not change this situation, because even after SKF bearing rings preload to the thermal expansion of the " creep " approach tends radial imbalance . When determining bearing slack noise caused by the movement , it should promptly demolished bearing preload re- install .
SKF bearings in rotating machinery plays a key role , especially mold machinery . The object is to make the molding mold machinery equipment, component parts , many of them members of precision needle bearing , speed, stability and its molded parts fit the mold a great influence on the mechanical properties . Mold machinery bearing component damage rate is relatively high, especially during blanking, forming stamping, forging , cold forging, extrusion, powder metallurgy parts pressing, pressure casting and other work, the SKF bearing damage is very large. In order to ensure the performance of mold machinery to improve the continuity of production , improve efficiency increase efficiency, it is necessary to increase the SKF bearing component overhaul , and increased maintenance frequency. Mold machinery operating workers should have a comprehensive knowledge of mechanical maintenance and upkeep .
The following is the knowledge of mechanical maintenance and maintenance points:
A mold machinery used to minimize the switching frequency, excessive switching devices needle bearing parts to wear out too fast will affect the machining accuracy.
2 die springs and elastic components are easily damaged , need to be replaced periodically.
3 SKF bearings, fasteners, easy to loose ,2- 3 days in need of a nuclear inspection to ensure the accuracy of the work equipment .
4 Die punch prone to break, bend , and eating a bad phenomenon , also need to periodically check and replacement.
5 die after prolonged use must be grinding blade , grinding blade surfaces must be demagnetized , not with a magnetic , or prone to blocking material .


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