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SKF bearing heat treatment annealing organization does not even

Date锛2013-11-15 10:32:16

SKF bearing steel annealing organization requests are distributed evenly or globular Pearlite. Because of the steel strip serious, forging the improper cooling after rolling, or incorrect annealing process may result in annealed uneven texture. Ribbon is severe, between two carbon-poor district in the annealing process of hot rough lamellar Pearlite. Slow cooling after forging not only produce mesh, and named laminar pearlitic special heavy, resulting in reduction in annealed carbon core, resulting in annealed part in your organization to retain the original layer and the very uneven distribution of coarse carbide particles. If the original organization of steel normal and annealing temperature too high will produce rough lamellar Pearlite. Relatively low annealing temperature appears fine flakes fine dot Pearlite or stacked. Annealing uneven organization, lead to bad Machinability of steels, quenched parts tissue of uneven, resulting in SKF bearing reduced life expectancy. This shows that the annealing uneven texture for SKF bearings bearing great impact.
SKF bearing heat treatment has the following main categories:
(1) clean heat treatment
  Heat treatment salt waste water, waste gas and waste production, dust, noise and radiation will cause pollution to the environment. Solution heat treatment of environmental pollution, introduction of clean heat treatment (or green heat treatment) is one of the heat treatment technology development of developed countries. For the reduction of SO2, CO, CO2, emissions, dust and cinders, has largely put an end to the use of coal as a fuel, heavy fuel oil usage became less and less, mostly fuelled by light gas oil, natural gas remains the most ideal fuels. Burning furnace of waste heat using has reached is high of level, burning device structure of optimization and empty-burning than of strictly control guarantee has reasonable burning of premise Xia, makes NOX and CO reduced to minimum limited; using gas carburizing, and carbon nitrogen total permeability and the vacuum heat treatment technology alternative salt bath handling to reduced waste salt and the containing CN-has poison to water of pollution; used water-soluble synthesis quenching oil instead of part quenching oil, used biological can degradation vegetable oil instead of part mineral oil to reduced oil pollution.
(2) heat treatment of precision
  Precision heat treatment has two aspects of meaning: while is according to parts of using requires, and material, and structure size, uses physical metallurgical knowledge and the advanced of computer simulation and detection technology, optimization technology parameter, reached by needed of performance or maximum to played material of potential; on the is full guarantee optimization technology of stability, achieved products quality dispersed degrees is small (or for zero) and the heat treatment orthodontic becomes zero.
(3) energy-saving heat treatment
  Scientific production and energy management is most promising factor in efficient energy use, the establishment of specialized heat treatment plant in order to ensure full capacity, giving full play to scientific management of equipment capacity was selected. SKF bearing heat treatment energy sources structure, give preference to primary energy; full use of waste heat, heat; using low energy consumption and shorter process instead of a long cycle, energy-consuming process.
(4) with little or no heat treatment for oxide
  Replaced by using protective atmosphere heating in oxidizing atmosphere is heated to precise nitrogen controlling carbon potential, potential of controlled atmosphere heat after heat treatment enhanced performance of SKF bearings, heat treatment defects such as decarburization, cracks and other significantly reduced heat treatment reduces the amount of finishing and increase material utilization and processing efficiency. Plus hot quenching vacuum, vacuum or low pressure carburizing, nitriding, nitrocarburizing and boriding can significantly improve quality, reducing distortion and increasing life expectancy.



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