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SKF bearings standard cleaning processes cause overheating

Date锛2013-11-15 11:12:41

SKF bearing parts from rough mouth after quenching can be observed on the microstructure overheating.
But to correctly determine the extent of overheating must observe the microstructure . If the steel is quenched gcr15 appear coarse acicular martensite , was quenched overheating tissue . Formation may be due to the quenching temperature heating temperature is too high or too long causing the overall overheating ; also may be due to the original organization carbon ribbon severe in the two areas with the formation of carbon between the local martensite needles thick, cause localized overheating. Overheating tissues residual austenite increases, dimension stability decreased . Since quenching overheated steel crystal thick, may cause parts of the toughness decreases , the fight against performance degradation , SKF bearing life is reduced. Even cause serious overheating quenching cracks .
1 , SKF bearings need to be cleaned a lot of the time , first with a temperature of 90 ~ 100 ℃ hot oil to the oil seal to melt away, and then use clean tools inside hollowed out the old oil , then pour hot for a while and then hot oil rinse go inside the excess oil, gasoline poured the last step and then hot again.
2 , cleaning SKF bearing surfaces , it should use clean gasoline, kerosene , what other solution for cleaning, after confirmation clean dry with a clean cloth and then coated with a thin layer of oil , and then according to the standard the installation process to install.
3 , everything checks ready and waiting to open the package when SKF bearings , SKF bearings should be placed in clean liquids such as gasoline and then gently turned by hand outside the SKF bearing full , so to clear the roof surface and the inside of the complex ball raceway thereof.
SKF bearings in the cleaning process should be cleaned according to the above process .


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