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SKF first-quarter net profit surged by 56%

Date锛2014-5-8 10:18:39

Sweden SKF bearing manufacturers recently announced that its first-quarter profit, operating income and net profits grew.
  In the first quarter of this year, SKF's revenues from $ 15.15 billion in the same period last year Sweden krona rose 16.73 billion kroner, an increase of 10.4%. 10.4% growth, nearly half are from SKF new acquisitions by the end of last year the United States bearings manufacturer Kaydon.
  SKF first-quarter sales in the global market for regional growth, in Europe, North America and Latin America achieved single digit growth in sales in Asia increases up to 10.6%, and the overall market in the Middle East and Africa sales increased 21.4%.
  Net profit, SKF, reached 1.28 billion kroner in the first quarter, compared with net profit of 820 million kroner, up 56%.



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