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SKF opportunities in China

Date锛2014-5-8 10:22:04

  Fierce market competition constantly Bize margins. In this brutal knockout, more and more companies realize that aimed to improve efficiency and realize the value transformation and sustainable development required not only internal potential, work with the upstream and downstream industries, maintenance to improve increasingly underscore the importance of eco-system and mode of development.
  Opportunities and that is what SKF, SKF shall have the value motivation of sales strategy.
  As the industry familiar with the bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems, SKF is moving from traditional manufacturers and product providers can provide more, higher-value strategic partners of integrated solutions for change.
  "The value of sales is not to try to sell products at a higher price, but are designed to help customers identify problems and offers targeted solutions and Visual indicators, helping customers increase overall equipment efficiency, increase productivity and ultimately save overall operational costs. "A few days ago, SKF's regional Managing Director, sales and service of China Fu Jinyan said in an interview with a reporter.
  For the shift of the economic growth of the Chinese market, SKF, believes that its moderate slowdown in global economic growth is still relatively high, compared to the challenge, the world's second-largest single economy breeds more business opportunities.
  SKF, held recently in Chengdu industrial markets on a regional sales and service dealer Conference in China, SKF made in 2014, will continue to be organized around values strategic layout, increase investment in service modules, promoting innovation in business models, in-depth promotion of SKF's products and industry solutions, providing customers with full life-cycle management. At the same time, SKF sales concepts to better value delivered to distributors, to further close cooperation with dealers, with strengthening of strategic planning and the operational level of integration, comprehensive cooperation around reducing customers operating cost.
  "A lot of customers increasingly focused on quality, began to pay more attention to asset efficiency, and overall operating costs. Meanwhile, numerous guests into the world of Chinese companies tend to choose partners with worldwide recognition, in order to enhance their global competitiveness. "Fu Jinyan said, this is what a differentiation advantage of SKF.
  Baosteel is the first beneficiaries of these benefits. Through SKF bearing remanufacturing services, Baosteel in 2008 ~2011 year $ 34 million worth of production cost savings through continuous caster roller system services, Baosteel continuous casting line in the year 2010 ~2011 improved 10% performance, and reduced amount of lubricant consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, significantly contributed to "green Baosteel" implementation of development strategies.
  Establishment of centuries, SKF has accumulated extensive industry knowledge. This enables SKF to insight into customer needs and provide customers with targeted for different industries and the value of the solution. At the same time, SKF industrial market sales and Service Department has 24 offices across the country and more than 500 employees, plus 2,300 249 dealer network sales and service team, extensive geographical coverage of SKF seven-twenty fourths worry-free operation can be realized on customer service.
  As one of the values in the transformation of closed-loop, Visual performance management enables the customer of SKF's solutions are easy to measure and evaluate, as well as powerful evidence for the significance of values in transition. SKF established DSP (solutions for record management) project, which is responsible for every customer recognized by SKF's products and technology solutions that achieve cost savings for the record, in order to replicate. It is understood that in 2013, SKF, regional sales and service in China has 926 cases of such customer recognition solutions, total customer cost savings of 500 million dollars. At the same time, adoption of DVP (the value proposition for the record management) project, SKF can grasp by the Distributor to provide inventory management, logistics support, maintenance services, products, technologies, and customers realize the value of integrated solutions. In 2013, 345 cases the aggregate of such cases as customers reduce the cost of 128 million Yuan.
  SKF industrial market sales and services Chief Executive emphasized in Wanda: "price is not a key to realizing the value difference, we must prove that it can provide value-added solutions to clients, to other vendors to help customers reduce overall operating costs. ”



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