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SKF Volvo cars award of excellence in quality

Date锛2014-5-8 10:23:40

In recent days, was awarded the Volvo auto excellent quality of SKF (VQE) award. SKF meets the highest level of quality in many ways, such as: product quality, delivery precision, logistics and efficient quality system.
Teruige•SITAN, President of SKF's automotive business area (TryggveSthen), said: "quality is what we must focus on all aspects of the business; it is the key to our operational excellence. We provide services according to the customer's high demands, which is recognized by the customer, we are very happy with it. The award is our highest recognition, the recognition we abide by his promise to deliver value, and this is exactly what customers value quality. ”
Founded in 1927, Volvo, SKF has been a partner of Volvo Car Corporation. The course began to be referred to as Jakob's first car, the car is named VOLVO equipped with SKF bearings. 2012 Volvo Car Corporation has established VQE award.



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