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SKF extended precision machinery business in China

Date锛2014-5-8 10:26:15

Recently, the precision machinery business unit of SKF SKF in Shanghai (SKF) power sharing machine tool industry solutions and services.

SKF precision machinery business unit is one of its eight business units in industrial markets primarily in machine tools, healthcare, automation, printing and packaging industries. This business unit comprises three product lines: Super precision bearings, linear motion products and driving system.

According to reports, the 2014 SKF precision machinery business Department with half the energy to China machine tool market, aim to improve the quality of local products, aimed at achieving import substitution. To this end, SKF, specifically for the machine tool industry has launched a new programme. Its mainly for machine tool users with lifecycle management, to provide customers with major parts of products, systems, applications, and system-related information and services, makes the machine throughout your entire working life to cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable operation. SKF will start from design, to provide testing, installation and commissioning, operation monitoring, repair and maintenance programme of the overall solution. At the same time, life cycle management will be tailored according to the spindle operation, provides engineering services such as consulting, simulation, and design validation. SKF's products and services include precision bearings, lubrication system, cooling pumps, as well as customized sealing solutions.

Precision machinery business unit Director of SKF SKF machine Li song detailing the industry's latest products, angular contact ball bearings with ceramic balls. Compared with the previous ball design, it can be promoted at the rate of 50%. At the same time, super clean steels are used as raw materials, these bearings have longer fatigue life, up to standard steel bearing 6 times.

In addition to machine tool industry, SKF precision machinery business unit in China, another major business area for medical and industrial automation fields. SKF's in the health care industry will maintain the current pace of development, improve product quality, to provide users with high-value added products. SKF Jean-MichelPoloni precision machinery business unit Global Sales Director, said SKF's products and services in the medical industry has a strong advantage, high value-added products.

Precision machinery business unit of SKF SKF industrial markets business areas is an important part, is currently in the United States, China, Chinese Taiwan, and France, and Germany, and Sweden, and Switzerland and Italy with manufacturing plants. The newly introduced Super precision bearings production bases in China, was in the original SKF Pinghu factory based on an assembly line. SKF's drive system (Pinghu) Limited is SKF in Zhejiang Pinghu economic development zone was set up in 2006, covers an area of 74,000 square meters, mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of drives, linear drives, injection molding products, precision bearings, ball screws, guides and parts of the above products and after-sale service. Products are mainly used for medical beds, fitness equipment, food and beverage, and areas such as door openers, is one of SKF's 17 factories in China. Li song indicated that inputs of ultra precision products, is a good complement to the Pinghu base, future will add a line of Super precision bearings. Pinghu base products will be according to the SKF standard, there are no regional differences in the quality and the factory of the world, Pinghu factory employees will go to training delivered to SKF factory of the world. He is very confident of the China business and said that in the ongoing product of China machine tool industry is in the process of restructuring, upgrading, SKF will grow with high-end products and solutions with local customers, to change the traditional processing methods, improve machine performance.



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